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    • CommentAuthorj-dogg
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2009
    Well, out on my usual 20 mile ride for the night, I'm blasting down the road on my Ciocc. 20+ mph easy. I saw on my odometer I had 1795 miles since build, so I figured why not 5 more, make it an even 1800 for the night.

    So I have this loop I ride quite often and did a couple laps. I've done this 1000 times.

    1798 miles in, I calculate I need one more lap to do 1800, so I go.

    There is a chicane on the far side of this loop. I've blown into it 30+ before. Tonight I was just cruising at 20-ish

    Well I entered and they had done some road work I guess so the pavement was uneven. Front wheel didn't feel like gripping it rode the outer edge of where they had cut and down I went, headfirst. SMACK. And I'm wearing clipless so the bike is taking me along for the ride.

    I was out cold for what I had guessed to be a couple minutes. I also went down on my phone, it no longer will turn on now. I'll deal with it later, this is a big problem because all my contacts for work are on there including the people I need to call to tell them I won't be there tomorrow because my left leg has a HUGE bruise on it somewhere.

    I laid there for maybe 10 minutes and assessed the damage. Little road rash, no big deal. Teeth are still in, good. Road rash on my face, ok not bad. There is a huge scrape somewhere on my helmet where I hit. Well it did it's job. I'm still here, had I not worn that I'm pretty sure I'd be in the ER now.

    My left leg is a problem because I can't get up. Oh shit. My phone is broke, can't call 911. fuck.

    It dawns on me at 11pm that I'm pretty much on my own. I'm laying there two cars drove right past me and didn't even check to see if I was okay. Yeah assholes I'm just stopping for a smoke break. How thoughtless. A cyclist is down can't get up and you apparently don't even have the common coutesy to ask if I'm okay. I could be dying, no, go on home fucking cock-holsters.

    About a half-hour later I decide to see if I can get up. 15 minutes later I'm up, and leaning on my Ciocc to try to limp home. I limp to a stopsign and try to mount, after the 37th try I finally do.

    I brought it all the way home on one leg. 2 1/2 miles.

    So far total damage assessment, a part to my left shifter is gone. There's road rash on both knees. Thumb hurts like hell. Face has road rash. Helmet did it's job. Left shoe the strap ripped clean off the shoe. Hope it has a good warranty, they cost 325 dollars.

    The bike still rides and the rims are still true tomorrow sometime I'll have a look over.

    A scratch is nothing, bikes can be repainted, helmets can be replaced (this one appears to still be good) metal can be reworked but a life can never be replaced.

    Wear your helmets people, mine probably saved my life tonight.
    • CommentAuthoreaglerock
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2009 edited
    WOW. I'm glad you can walk okay.

    I agree 200% with you on the main point: Helmets help keep your brains on the inside, where they belong. Helmets good.

    A few points on peripheral issues:

    If your cellular provider is a GSM service (AT&T and T-Mobile are the big GSM services), your contact list is stored on the SIM card inside the phone, which you can remove and stick into another phone. I've always been a GSM user, so I'm not sure how CDMA services like Verizon and Sprint manage that information; but check with your provider - they may have a way to get that info off.

    If you're a Windows user, there are USB readers that allow you to pull out your SIM card and back it up to you computer. If you're a Mac user, Apple's built-in iSync software will do the same thing with most common phones. This won't help you now, of course; but it may help prevent a panic in the future. Better that you can simply blow off a dead/damaged/stolen phone, than that you have to stress out about the info trapped in it.

    Go to a doctor. Make sure you're really okay - that there's no residual damage, such as a concussion. I'm not sure where West Melbourne is (Florida?), but check your state's vehicle code before you go to the doctor. In my home state (California), if a doctor finds out that you've had a loss of consciousness or a seizure for any reason, the vehicle code requires the doctor to inform the DMV. In California, DMV's standard policy is to suspend your license for six months. I've been an insulin-dependent diabetic since high school, and insulin seizures are par for the course; I've had my license suspended twice, because I wasn't quite savvy/coherent enough on two occasions to talk the paramedics out of putting me in the ambulance. If your state's like mine, don't tell the doctor you lost consciousness; those are red-flag words.

    Keep safe.
    • CommentAuthorcloud
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2009 edited
    never knew that^ that's nuts. my license is suspended but for different reasons. anyway OP, glad it wasn't any worse! as far as i know, a helmets structural integrity is only good for one solid smack so you may want to replace it. can anybody confirm?

    also what's with your leg? did you brake it?
    • CommentAuthorj-dogg
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2009
    i dont know if ive broken anything or not but I may be going for a ride in the meatwagon. I can barely walk. it takes 10 mins to get up pee and come back, yelling and screaming the whole way. I can't stand up on my own I have to grab eveything nearby to support myself.

    I've had some nasty falls this one is probably one of my worst ever.
    • CommentAuthoreaglerock
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2009
    It's possible that you've pinched a nerve, or torn a muscle.

    Seriously, if it's that bad, get yourself into the hospital right now. If you've got someone you can call (and you don't need to be immobilized), call them and have them drive you in. An ambulance usually starts at $250, and goes up from there; if you're uninsured, or your insurance doesn't cover ambulance rides if you have other methods available (what you might call a "walk it off" clause), that can be a big hit in the wallet. Plus, it's reassuring to know that someone who cares about you knows where you are, and what's happened to you.

    Keep us updated, but take care of yourself first.
    I hope you're OK. If you are, replace the helmet. It might be broken non-obviously. Ask the manufacturer. I've had good luck with free replacements. I think they consider it field testing.
    • CommentAuthorj-dogg
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2009
    Well the results are in. The nice list of things I have broke are as follows....

    .....wait for it.....

    ...NOTHING!! Milk does a body work son!!!! Doc says I got some torn ligaments and tendons and gave me some Loritab and some other meds, along with a bad-ass set of crutches. I know what it's like to be old and decrepit now.

    I opted against the meatwagon because I wasn't dying, Dad drove me. The ER is less than a mile away. There are people out there who really NEED an ambulance, if I can limp to my driveway, I don't need a meatwagon. I have top notch health insurance through my employer which covers 100% of an ambulance ride. I just didn't want to use an ambulance unless I REALLY NEEDED one. There are people dying out there who have real health problems I just had a few torn muscles and some minor road rash.

    Looks like i'll live to ride another day.

    Now for Stella and her equipment.....

    I had a look at the helmet. It's a Giant Ares, and it appears to have only a scrape on the side, and not a blunt force impact. Foam looks good, no cracks or anything. I may contact my LBS that I built the Ciocc in and see if they have a trade in program, but everything looks good.

    I know they have another Ares there that has broke straps but never took an impact so maybe I can swap straps if it comes down to it.

    My left Ultegra shifter lost its cover, the polished chrome piece that says "Ultegra". It's gone, that's the side I went down on. Is it possible to order new covers? They are 6502 I think (same as 6600)

    Also does anyone know the return policy on Gaerne cleats? Left strap is fux0red.

    So far the bike itself looks to be in good shape. Frame is still good. Rims are true, brakes work, shifters work. No big scrapes. I'm still going to give it a closer inspection later when my leg gets a little better.

    I went down on the non-drive side so the drivetrain appears to be in good shape. Crank looks good too. That was one of my big worries was the crank arm, I've had similar-style spills that bent crank arms.

    Stella held up pretty well. She will see the road again soon.

    Meds have apparently kicked in, I feel a little better now. Hydrocodone FTW.
    Replace the helmet. They are good for ONE good smack only. It may look OK to the eye but the foam is now probably compressed internally.
    There are good helmets and there are used helmets. But there are no good, used helmets.
    • CommentAuthorgenerate
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2009
    Wow man, glad you are OK. Your story painted a clear picture of what all of us dread. I wear my helmet every day. This proves that anything can happen at anytime.
    • CommentAuthorgreg
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2009 edited
    Jeez, lots of people going down lately on here - glad to hear you are ok! Take it easy and heal up properly and enjoy riding when you can get back to normal
    It's beautiful summer. Time to get fucked up!

    Glad to hear you're on the mend!
    • CommentAuthorroach
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2009
    I agree man, helmets definitely do their job, but I don't think it's completely necessary to wear one. I mean, my car would be alot safer with a roll cage and a five-point harness, but I get along just fine. It really sucks you went down, and I'm glad to hear your ok.
    • CommentAuthorj-dogg
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2009
    No it is absolutely NECESSARY to wear your helmet at ALL times.

    A car you have a metal cage. Bicycles do not have that protection. On a bicycle you don't have that engine between you and whatever you hit. WEAR YOUR BRAINBUCKETS PEOPLE!!!!

    Little update on me, I successfully limped to my refrigerator to take my meds without my crutches, but I'm a long way from going back to work. Progress is being made. I can also pick my leg up now and put it on my bed without too much pain, so I know I'm getting better.

    At this rate, tomorrow I may try to drive my car. It's a modified Ford Probe GT with a manual transmission. My left leg is the injured one, if I move my seat all the way forward I might be able to clutch with just my foot instead of moving the whole leg. Power seats FTW.

    If that goes well, Saturday I may try to ride one of my bikes just down the street, nothing crazy no sprints, just up and down my street.
    • CommentAuthorcloud
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2009
    give yourself some rest man.
    Did anyone see Jens Voigt go down today in the Tour? Holy fuck. Dude would have been so dead without his helmet. He's now conscious and a bruised and battered mess, but he's alive and will live to race another race.

    He was going 50+mph. When he hit, there were sparks. Totally unconscious, skidding on his face for 20 feet.
    glad your ok, it could be worse you could have a huge tumor on your balls. and Joshua A.C. Newman you left out the part where jens bike started cracking and shooting carbon fiber bits every where.
    • CommentAuthorcloud
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2009
    man, just watching that felt horrible!
    • CommentAuthortoroadie
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2009 edited
    Enjoy the meds and get well soon. You did a great job putting the bike together.

    FWIW: Here's a slo mo vid of Jens Voigt's crash along with commentary / speculation. The latest theory was he hit a bump on the road where the surface changed from old to new pavement, it launched him out of the saddle, and one hand left his bars. The front wheel either slipped or it gripped in a direction other than where his momentum was heading. All in all it sounds similar to what happened to you j-dogg. Helmets rule.
    • CommentAuthorwes m.
    • CommentTimeJul 22nd 2009
    The Jens Voigt crash proves a major point. A lot of people say "I know how to fall, I wont hit my head". Yeah right. There is literally nothing Jens could have done once the shit hit the fan.

    Also, apparently there are some conspiracy theories floating around saying that his equipment failed but that we will never know because the sponsor won't admit it. Looked like it was a perfect storm of bad body positioning, uneven road surface, high speeds, and fatigue to me.
    CF, there's no implication of bike failure. It looks like it was simply a bump or a rock or something that, at 50+, was catastrophic.

    It's the multiple little things going wrong at once phenomenon.

    So, who here thinks they're a better bike rider than Jens Voigt to the point that they don't need a helmet? And who feels like his helmet caused him to crash?

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