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    • CommentAuthorncecchi
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2010
    Posted By: misfit308I just recently purchased a 2010 725tr and have yet to have serious issues although I can vouch for a few things on the geometry. Mine is a 58 and it seems that either the chainstays need to be shorter or the drop outs deeper becuase even with my axle slammed all the way forward there is significant clearence between the seat tube with it's aero track cut out design and my tire. It doesn't bother me significantly but if your designing a track bike for the track you would want something that is tight and clean. The other thing is the head tube it's size and angle make the bike weird a track bike should not freely bar spin a 700c wheel. like the new trickster hipster fixie bikes coming out. I feel they designed a more bmx fashionable aero tubed hipster bike than a true track bike. I have a slight creaking that happens whenever I skid into a track stand and then take off but after riding a bit it goes away. All in all I enjoy the bike and get compliments all the time but it's not the track pursuit geomety I was expecting when I purchased the bike on line.

    I think they changed the geo from the 2010 v1 to v2. If you want an entry level track bike from Leader, try the 722 steel pista they have. I have both and the steel bike is slowly becoming both my commuter and track bike depending on the setup. you can check both of em here: the 725 isn't my favorite- my first aluminum since my specialized fatboy in the early 90's, haha.
    that said, as i get better I will upgrade, but until i'm winning in my category I probably won't feel like it's the bike holding me back.
    • CommentAuthorJGreen
    • CommentTimeSep 8th 2011
    newb here... Is this rant still alive, or have they fixed their issues?

    I ask because I am looking to build a bike and was interested in Leader....

    Thanks in advance

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