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    • CommentAuthorredopossum
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2008
    I'm considering buying a sparton frame and was wondering if anyone had any opinions on them. I've heard both good and bad, I just want to know if they're worth it.
    i just recently built one up
    i think they are worth it
    they are pretty light for being steel
    you can throw theses things around pretty good and not worry about anything
    • CommentAuthorOtto Rax
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2008
    i know 2 people that have bought them. i've seen 2 bend. you can do the math, the price reflect the quality, but they aren't bad for a riding bike. not for heavy tricks
    • CommentAuthorAll Filler
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2008

    the fork looked kind of funny before he jumped, now that i think about it, but it could've been a weird camera angle?
    what a joke:

    wow that shows me a great deal of how that shitty looking geometry rides on the velodrome...

    I think that fork just looks bad because the geo is bad but I see what you meant
    • CommentAuthorredopossum
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2008
    well I'm not too trick heavy, I'd just like a nice strong steel frame for urban riding. Making sure there aren't huge flaws mostly
    tons of frames out there... if you got the money try the sparton if you don't like it sell it and get something else. it's all just opinions on here. the only way to make your own opinion is by going out there and finding it
    • CommentAuthorhenrydec1
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2008 edited
    i ride a sparton with a njs fork. its pretty good. if you want a cheap street frame this is probably the way to go. or just buy a nice used frame frame from

    • CommentAuthornunie92
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2008
    I love my sparton its strong and gets the job done1
    • CommentAuthorJohn Tom
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2008 edited
    if you're gonna go cheap, go cheap.
    my friend just got one of these and it's nice and not heavy. not lugged though.
    Bike Island - 2009 Cro Mo Steel Old School Fixed Gear /Single Speed Frame Set

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