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    • CommentAuthorkabuki
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2008
    I'm new, so let me introduce myself... a couple months ago I got an old road bike at a yard sale and since then I've been riding it everywhere. I use it to go to work, commute to school everyday (I live about 10 miles from school), supplement my running (I'm a track/ cross country distance runner), and just to have fun. I would say that I ride at least 100 miles a week. Basically, I LOVE to bike.
    So like I said, I have an old Kabuki road bike from the eighties. I really want to turn it into a fixed gear, as the few times I've had the opportunity to ride a fixie i've realllly enjoyed it. Now, money's really tight for me right now.
    I was just wondering how much it would set me back...

    Thanks in advance.
    you should try going to your lbs and ask them if you can trade in some of your things on your bike that you wont need anymore to lower the price.
    you arent going to need your rear wheel, or at least rear hub so you might be able to trade that. and you can either get a new chain or just have it shortened.
    in short you can probably spend anywhere between 50-300 dollars, it really depends on the quality and brand you would get.
    before you do all theat make sure your rear wheel dropouts allow you to adjust your chain length and if they do
    there are a few more options you have:

    1)get a bolt on hub (mtb front disc brake hub) on ebay for like $15 tops (don't spend more), take your old wheel cut the spokes and lace the rim up to that hub (if you don't know how to build wheels some people do it online for like $30 +a few bucks for cheap spokes) then re space that axle to 120 mm, buy a chain-tool for $5 fit your chain and viola. (you still need a cog for that hub which unless you just wanna take a sprocket out of your gear cluster and go at it with a drill press might cost you $30)
    2) buy a cheap rear track wheel on ebay or craigslist (sometimes you can find ok wheels for like $40 or less) get a track cog (cheap one for $10) and there you go
    • CommentAuthorAaron C
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2008
    or, take it to the LBS ask them nicely to spin your freewheel off, buy a cog (3/32"), an english thread bb lockring from their used parts bin, and a spoke wrench.
    this is by far the cheapest quickest way to do it and it works just fine. between the cog ($20-30), lockring ($1), and spoke wrench ($5-10) you can easily do this for under forty dollars if you are willing to get do the conversion yourself.

    you'll need to respace the axle and you should re-dish your wheel (thats where the spoke wrench comes in). viola, you should be riding the same day.

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