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    Here some sort of proty-build post (which I -hopefully- will be able to elaborate on further, i.e. with pics and all). So far, I am sitting here on an older 90's oversized (and ovalized) steel frame from Koga, to which I got a Shimano 10sp crankset on Friday. One of my problems now, is that I also have a quill stem, but unfortunately a +26mm handlebar wont fit - only for 25.4mm :-(..

    MY QUESTION: What experiences do you guys have on 'ahead-stem adapters'? Should I opt for a 'stem adapter', an ahead stem and a handlebar that I will get for it (I understand, 31.8mm is not uncommon)? (Plan B would be to take my white Pinarello apart, take stem and bar and sell off the rest, and originally that had been Plan A)

    Would this do the trick for ahead stems? To give an example, that adapter here seems to be for 22.2mm (0.87"), which I need, and there are adapter jackets for 1" and 1+1/8" as well:
    You could always go for Nitto bars, they still do 25.4mm ...

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