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    • CommentAuthorjunk4cash
    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2017 edited
    Picked up a cool 87 Cannondale the other day. I graduated the year this bike was made and totally remember the wild 80s colors. This one is a 58cm which is my size and is pink with custom airbrush graphic accents. The previous owner road it quite a bit in the 80s and 90s so there is some sweat corrosion near the cable guides and a few other places on the bike. I like the pink because it's different but am wondering if there is any real value to keeping it the factory pink? I may paint it if not. Im guessing the bubbles under the paint are going to start flaking as I ride it. Thanx for any input.
    Dude, in case you expect us to appreciate pictures, you first need to post them. To begin with, a frame size of 58cm doesn't sound bad at all (not so sure about the 'wild 80s colors', though).

    Does it have two wheels ? Is there a handlebar too, and are there 7 sprockets or 8 ? A steel frame ? If so, anti-corrosives might be an issue. Of utter importance is: Does it look cool, could it look even cooler ..and.. does it look at all ?


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