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    For those of you who live in the Louisiana area of the States The Crescent Cycle Club are running their 5th Cannonball Mash starting on the 20th of April 2017. I don't think they advertise on here but considering we've been sponsoring them for over a year now thought I would give it a mention. It kicks off on the Thursday at Cafe Rouler and goes right through to the Sunday. There'll be prizes galore from as well as and

    The full info is here

    Here's a quick poster I knocked up yesterday which is now up

    Consider to post any 'posters' that you 'knock up', directly in here ... \ 🚴 .. 🚴 🚴 ... 🚴 .. 🚴🚴🚴

    May I cautiously ask, what a 'Cannonball Mash' is supposed to be ? Supposedly the cycling club that you mentioned is about to organize some form of training round. Hence, it is a pity that I cannot join, as I am currently not in Louisiana.

    A thread for 'events' is definitely a good idea. However, a short description about event and full location, directly in here, would be great, i.e. additional links are fine, but -as far as I am concerned- they are not enough, and should I feel a necessity to surf FB, I would have posted there, ... but -no worries- I wont :D

    ps People with NS wont see anything on "instagram":


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