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    • CommentAuthorMcGio0712
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2016
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1613.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1614.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1615.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1617.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1618.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1619.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1620.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1621.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1622.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1623.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1624.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1625.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1626.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1627.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1628.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1629.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1630.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1631.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1632.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1633.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1634.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1635.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1636.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1637.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1638.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1639.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1640.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1641.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1642.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1643.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1644.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1645.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1646.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1650.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1651.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1653.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1654.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1655.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1656.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1657.JPG
    • CommentAuthorMcGio0712
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2016
    These are all the parts that were on the Bianchi when i received it. I know the Crank/chainring aren't original since the original price sticker is on it still lol
    • CommentAuthoreaglerock
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2017 edited
    Posted By: McGio0712/Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/IMG_1611.JPG
    /Users/GMARTINEZ4/Desktop/Bianchi Celeste/IMG_1613.JPG, etc.

    As those links demonstrate, the location of the actual photos is on the desktop of your computer. We can't see what's sitting on your computer. You could authorize outsiders to look at the contents of your desktop, but then we could see everything else, too.

    If you want to post links to your photos, you have to put photos somewhere we can actually access. There are a number of free/near-free photo hosting sites around, which will give you a place to upload your photos and then link to them so that others can see them. Cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, iCloud etc. typically give you a folder where you can store files you want to be accessible to the public. Photo hosting services such as Photobucket, Imgur, Ipernity, Google Photos, Flickr, Free Image Hosting, PostImage, ImageShack and so on allow you to upload images to their servers and then post links to them here.

    Most of the photo-specific sites allow you to do what you tried to do here: Drag the images off your hard drive into a web browser window. The difference is, the photo site will upload the photos from your machine to their server, and then give you a link to the copy on their server. Velospace isn't designed to do that with forum photos; it doesn't have the storage space to just upload picture without limits, which is why the one place you can do that (the bike listings) has such severe size limitations. When you're posting to the Velospace forum, the browser doesn't upload files, because the website is not designed to do that. If you drag something from your hard drive to the browser window, all that does is create a link to the file's location on your hard drive. Since we can't reach your computer, that means the links do nothing at all.

    There are both free and paid options available on many of the photo sites. This Wikipedia page has a list of several of them, with the specific limitations for each. Some give you more storage space, some have size limits on the images you can post, some limit the number of photos that can be accessible at one time. You might want to create accounts on a couple of the sites with free options, experiment with them, then put your energy into the site you're most comfortable with.

    As for IDing your Bianchi, we can try - once we can see it.

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