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    • CommentAuthorkcdoug
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2016
    I'm looking for a more comfortable, less "fidgity" tire than what is now on my bike. (700c x 23mm). Would 28mm fit? Or should I play it safe and go with 25s? Rims are Mavic MA40s. I ride mostly paved bike trails with this bike.
    What exactly is "fidgity" ? On MA-40 (and others), 25 or 28mm are no problem. Currently, I even ride a (nominally) 32mm comfy rear one from Panaracer. However, fat aluminum chainstays, and sometimes geo, can be a problem: There are "modern" bikes where 28mm wont fit.

    To make it short: Unless for serious road racing in some instances, I'd always prefer 25mm (and >=28 on light sand / gravel).
    I've fondled a 979 but never squeezed any tires in there. How much space do you have with the 23's between the chainstays. Those are generally the limiting factor in tire size.
    • CommentAuthorkcdoug
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2016
    Yep, the chainstays - that's why I'm asking. The space is tight and I wondered if anyone had experience with this (28s back there). By "fidgity," I think slightly "skittish" or simply overly-sensitive might be a better way to describe it. This is, no doubt, largely due to the fact that the bike I've been riding the most is a mid-80s Schwinn High Sierra with 26 x 1.75s on Araya rims.
    Check out Bruce Gordon. He might have something for 'ya. ;-)
    • CommentAuthorkcdoug
    • CommentTimeMay 2nd 2016
    Thanks, everyone! I put on some 28mm Panaracers and they fit fine and work very well. However, I doubt anything any bigger would fit. It's very tight back there. As soon as I have her really spiffed, I'll post some pics.

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