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    • CommentAuthorfubiman
    • CommentTimeFeb 18th 2016
    Hey everyone!

    We have been developing a new folding fixie. We are looking for feedback. And now in the spring we are looking for test drivers, anyone living in Europe here since we are going on an exhibition and Europe tour this spring.

    For more info contact us at info(at)


    Not bad, even if that saddle angle looks somewhat questionable.

    As gears were not yet invented by then, over a hundred years ago, folding fixies were actually quite common in Europe, particularly among marksmen from Italy (cf. attached pics from 1902 and 1917).

    Frankly, I'd prefer a geared-up light version of the bike that the gentleman was carrying around in 1917, maybe with 26" tires in 28mm.

    Cool pics and info, thanks for sharing!

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