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    Picked up a pretty ratty Chenu recently and can't find much info about it. It has Columbus Tretubi Aelle tubing and is most likely mid 80's. Head badge says Michel Chenu Motobecane-Yamaha Antibes 93-33-89-75. I'm not a collector but might want to restore it (paint is almost totally flaked off but no rust) if it's something of value if not I'll probably flip it.
    Frankly, and whatever that means, I never heard of 'Chenu', but the bike itself looks alright, doesn't it ? So what is it that you do not like here ? The 'Aelle' tubes are nothing really special, but keep in mind that frame quality depends only to a certain extent on the tubesets used.

    --direct link, maybe next time to a slightly bigger pic--

    As always, those parts that have direct contact to rider or road can make a huge difference: i.e. slightly bigger tires, saddle, handlebar, pedals, aero levers etc. - Also of importance is, of course, that the whole thing looks good and fits to your size. If you really loathe it, just leave it - but why should you ?

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