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    • CommentAuthorjlmcgehee21
    • CommentTimeMay 30th 2015 edited
    I'm an American traveling through Europe and would love to ride in these cities and would love even more to ride with someone on the forum if there is anyone there.

    Unfortunately I haven't planned this too well. I've already started my trip and am in London now. The abundance of bikes made me wish I had done my research better (I am traveling with a group that doesn't have much interest in cycling).

    Any advice or offers to ride with me? I didn't travel with my bike, so I will need to rent/borrow a one.
    • CommentAuthorjoaobola
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2015
    ^The canals are probably the only routes for bikes, as it definitely wouldn't be viable on the sidewalks. At night that thing could come in handy on the Piazza San Marco too I suppose. I have a picture of me sitting in a chair on the square with water up to my calves.
    @felissilvestris, I'm an ignorant uncultured American, but I know I won't be able to ride right IN Venice :). I thought maybe there would be a place to ride outside the city, it may be similar terrain (or lack of) though...

    @joaobola, you are in Rome? I will be there June 9-12, and so far I'm free in the evenings. I would love to ride with you and/or a group if you know one and would be willing to let me borrow a bike.
    ... jl, in my raw but unposted version, I had indeed put a couple of smileys and even added: 'Particularly for biking purposes, the good thing about inner cities is that most of them have a countryside around them. There is actually a lot of interesting spots in Europe (i.e. even in France and Italy).'

    So, wherever you and your group may currently be touring Europe, feel free to provide some more details.

    P.S. What do both of you think of the Rome picture with all the scooters in the 2nd link ? Once, I have been knocked down from my bike by a passing scooter in Brussels :D
    Just spent far too long researching the Piazza's flood capabilities.
    Haha, it's pretty crazy. It floods right into the storefronts. It's so commonplace they have walkways they put out.

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