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    • CommentAuthorElvis
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2014 edited
    I have been trying to get information on the Watchung Reservation bike ban. Via months of OPRA (open public record act) requests I was able to determine that unelected Union County employees decided on their own to ban mountainbiking in '95 in a backroom deal. There was no ordinance passed by the legislative body of the Freeholders, and no debate. No public input of any kind.

    NOW I just received a letter from the county spokesman today. The letter said the county is now reconsidering the issue, developing a Trail Master Plan. They have even gone so far as to hire a consultant. I have already sent an email to a contact at JORBA (the New Jersey mountain biking group) but also wanted to get this out there to regular riders like you and me who should weigh in.

    Now, while the plan is still in its formative stage, is the time for riders to speak up and let the County know we deserve access!

    I URGE ALL CYCLISTS WHO LIVE IN NEW JERSEY (Especially Union Co.) TO WRITE TO THE UNION COUNTY FREEHOLDERS AND TELL THEM YOU RIDE, YOU VOTE, AND YOU WANT YOUR PARK BACK! (hey even if you're a pure roadie, help out, huh? Lots of us ride both)

    20 years ago bikers weren't given a chance to speak up. Now we can. The county email is here:

    Please take the time to write in and remind them bicyclists are citizens too!

    Thank you.
    • CommentAuthorBjorn
    • CommentTimeNov 17th 2014
    Thank you Elvis.
    Is THIS the one ???

    As far as I remember, MTB bans are sometimes put in place for ecological reasons (wildlife etc.), but I have too little knowledge about specific issues, and virtually none about NJ. Thus, if there really are issues, they should possibly be shared: A freewheeling solution is hopefully ante portas.

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