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    • CommentAuthorMtbfixed
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2014
    Hello,I've just installed these on my Bridgestone 300 with Origin 8 Gary 2 bars.I don't ride cyclocross but really like the idea of a beefed up brake shifter combo that can be used in full friction mode.I mainly ride on the hoods and find these really comfortable.They seem to work really well although I have only test ridden them up and down the street as I am waiting on a new wheelset.My set up is a double chainring with a 7 speed freewheel,this keeps the old at 126mm for a drop in fit to my old frame.I don't need any more gears than that anyway.Have any of you used any of Retroshift's components?I like their ideas.
    Have not, but I'd like to test them out.
    • CommentAuthorchku
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2014
    My friend James had them on his Serotta, before realising they would be perfect for CX (he is racing A-grade/Nationals etc). He liked them so much that he ended up buying a few sets and selling them to other 'cross racers. One set went on a mad Salsa titanium adventure bike. Being able to sweep/dump the cassette is really good, and they are surprisingly ergonomic, although I think bar-cons are fine for a tourer.
    To be honest, they seem to be nothing more than the classic barend shifters, here mounted onto aero brake levers. In fact, I used to have Suntour barend shifters in friction mode with Shimano 600 'Tricolor' aero levers and a set of old campy SR derailleurs, also with 126mm rearwidth and a 7sp freewheel. It came like that from a former CX professional, and shifting worked like a charm. Unfortunately, the frame -tiny glued together aluminum tubes- was wobbly by the time it had reached me. The cool thing: All cables ran in 'aero-mode', completely underneath the tape.

    P.S.: For another bike, btw, I am about to figure out if another set of friction shifters is capable of a Shimano 10sp. In the long run I had been aiming at 10sp 'brifters', but now they are disturbingly making even the '105' groupset ELEVEN-speed ! ...Well, some might call that 'progress', but I doubt it is.
    • CommentAuthorMtbfixed
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2014
    Yes they are and thats what they claim to be.A beefed up Tektro aero lever with a bar end or down tube shifter mounted to a custom machined mount.You can buy just the levers and use your existing shifters if you already have them.Retroshift also has applications for V brakes as well as mechanical disc.Their AUDAX model is for retro bikes with a pewter plated lever.I like their stuff.

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