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    • CommentAuthorwebs73
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2014
    Hi everyone, i found a bike in my grandpa garage wich is called Staiger Trento, a pliable bike, white color and is completed, nothing missing from bike. Looks nice, shiny and perfect. I want to know how much money i can get on that bike, i mentioned that there is a bild on with 75 Jahre Aniversary thing.
    there you go, getting warmer, but pictures help a lot.
    I've never seen a pliable bike. Pictures, please.
    by the picture on his profile, its a foldable. nothing like a nice Dahon, just a flat bolt plate at the mid point. maybe worth $100 at a swap, in my opinion not worth shipping from out of the country. May even be a Batavus relabeled for resale.

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