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    so i work a swing shift, every other month i go to night shift and i have nothing to do on my nights off. on my last couple night shift months i have devoted my nights off to building bikes. last month i did a old rusted out Guerciotti that i picked up at my LBS for 150 bucks (WTF?!?!?!). the Pantoed stem on the guerciotti will sell for what i paid for the whole thing. either way, i didnt think to take pictures or anything, i was really just passing the time. as nice as the guerciotti is it will probably just get parted out on ebay. anyways! started another month of night shifts last week and stopped by my local bike shop to see if they had anything i liked. they do a little bit of consignment work and sometimes i find some really good stuff. so as i am looking around, a large chrome framed bike catches my eye and i am sitting there admiring it and Don tells me its on consignment and the dude only wants 100 bucks for it. i read the name "katakura silk", and i have never heard of it, which makes me want it more. so i buy it with my nifty new paypal debit card so the wife wont see the missing 100.

    so far i have taken all the original parts (nothing fancy) and put them on an old schwinn super sport to sell on craigslist. i am building from the frame up, but i dont really know where i am going with it. once i got the bike home i got to lookin real close and realized the exceptional shap it was in. then i realized there was a little orange sticker half hanging off the top tube that read "north american" with a lot number on it, and the original owners manual was in the crappy old seat pouch! that, combined with the fact that there are no ankle rub marks on the crank and the seat looks brand new, and i am pretty sure this thing hasn't ever even been ridden! any ways, i am supper happy with it. i have a chrome schwinn super le tour 12.2 and have been looking for another chrome frame in my size for the last 2 years or so but they are extremely hard to come by. so now imma build this one up as an 18 speed and the le tour is getting converted to a single speed on my NEXT month of night shift. awesome.

    so far i am just going on parts i already had from my shed. nitto stem and bars. the stem with be getting a good polish and i am gonna try and get the "nitto" to be gold. fill it in with model paint of something. the front wheel is an open pro with an ultegra hub and the rear wheel is a Velocity Dyad to the matching ultegra hub. saddle is a brooks B17 Champion Special that i traded a crappy on fuji frame for a while back. i think imma stay with japanese parts, but imm have to do some research as i dont know jack about japanese bikes and parts. either way, happy.

    the camera flash makes the chrome look bad, but it is actually in very good shape. what i have come up with from reading is that it was made for PX in Japan. still unsure of the date but i am thinking mid 80s. any info anyone can provide is much appreciated.
    Great looking frame! I've seen some of their track stuff before

    Do you have any pictures of that Guerciotti though?
    man that thing is nice. i have seen quite a few pics of some very nice looking katakuras. it is very surprising to me that i have not heard of the brand before. but i think i might have a new infatuation with them.

    i bought the querciotti also not really knowing what it was also. turned out to be an awesome find too. full campy mix of c record and super record. super rare first gen c record rear derailleur, c-record hubs. i happened to have a NOS Selle Monte Grappa seat that matched the mike colors perfectly. and i added the cinelli priest bars, they didn't come on the bike (i wish). alot of the chrome on the guerciotti was rusted straight through unfortunately. ill probably part it all out and sell the frame to some hipster.
    I will buy those bars from you if you're willing to sell them!!
    i have them for sale on ebay for 295. they are the original issue with the full cinelli logo. its one of those "i dont want to sell them, but if someone with give me this ridiculous i let them go" situations. i have had a couple decent offers, but i like having them too much and i dont really need the money.
    I like your pricing style, its what I do often, and then am both shocked and a tad disappointed when someone pops!
    Haha. I know exactly the feeling you are talking about. I have another pair of the reissued priest bars too with the flying c logo. So I wouldnt be super disapointed if someone bought the ones I got on ebay. It would just be extra money for thos build. I think I have decided to go with gran compe brakes for this build. Just dont know which ones yet.
    Aero, in black
    theres a set of black and gold ones on ebay that are SWEET. but the bidding starts at 200 and buy it now is 300. just a tad pricey... i really like these:

    but not for this bike.
    its that front rack that's pushing the price, why not get some side pulls that are easier to mound, are a lot lighter and modulate better.
    OH yeah, and less than half that BIN
    Those are some sweet center-pulls!
    ya i will be going with side pulls on this one. but i do like the center pulls with the front rack. and really i think they were like less than 150 shipped, new. which aint too bad if you put them up against a clean set of mafac racers with a ta front rack, which are essentially the same, just french. haha. and quality wise i bet they are about the same.
    i lied, they are closer to 200 than 150.... so ya, a bit pricey, but very attractive.
    I just saw a TA to pair up with racers and they want 60 or so for the rack.
    60 for the rack AND the racers? i got mine for 65 on ebay but they needed a good coupe hours or polishing and the rack has a little bit of oxidation. 60 is a really good price on those though. i have seen just the rack for over 100 in good condition. there more of a market for the TA stuff also i think. either way, i want those gran compe's with the rack. cause they are new and shiney.
    rack only,
    Here it is. no bids yet!
    Hmmmmm. I do have some mafac competitions that would look great with that rack..... and i just sold the original ariake jaguar ii seat that was originally on this katakura for 43 bucks.....

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