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    First off, sorry for starting a new thread for this but I kinda need some answers very soon.

    I was about to a Dodici gara frameset from city grounds but upon further research, I read somewhere online that the Dodici Garas that are distrubuted in the us are from Leader and are not made of the same tubing? (Dedacciai)

    Is this true or false?
    • CommentAuthorGloomy
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2013 edited
    There are two Garas. One made by order in Italy with Dedacciai tubing and the other mass produced in China with 6061 sold by Leader.

    Edit, look at the rear forkends, they are slightly different.

    Dedacciai tubing

    You can also do custom geo with the italian built ones, right?
    Gloomy, thanks, I really appreciate it. I literally was a second from going to pay for it because there's one last one in stock in my size on clearance sale. Helped me dodge that bullet, ha
    • CommentAuthorGloomy
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2013 edited
    I think so, they are really cool folks. I encourage buying from them directly.

    Mountain, no problem. However, there's nothing wrong with the lower end version especially because they are very cheap (Somewhere around 400 including an Alpina fork) it's just not the real deal haha
    Site shows pre-made sizes and custom colors but you might be able to place a custom order? I am so lost right now looking for a new aluminum or carbon track frame. Ideally, I'd like a Dolan Seta, but dpmsports is sold out..
    City grounds has one in my size on sale for 600 and for that price, its not worth it to me. I feel like a Pre-cursa would ride the same?

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