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    Now I'm not about to suggest that I would buy one. That would take all the fun out of building a bike exactly to your needs, restoring a track bike to its former glory or all the other reasons you work on bikes. I'm preachin' to the choir.

    Anyway, I was at my LBS the other day and a customer rolled in with one of these. I checked it out online and it appears to be a sweet ride. This one has a coaster brake which I think are fun, takes me back to riding beach cruisers in Costa Rica. What do y'all think?
    • CommentAuthorHaegan
    • CommentTimeFeb 2nd 2013
    Linus is way over priced for mostly hi ten steel. My shop had some and they sold terribly. They also have really limited sizes.
    Posted By: HaeganLinus is way over priced for mostly hi ten steel. My shop had some and they sold terribly. They also have really limited sizes.

    They sell really well out here near the beach and I actually like the simplicity of their bikes for commuters.
    Posted By: HaeganLinus is way over priced for mostly hi ten steel. My shop had some and they sold terribly. They also have really limited sizes.

    Good point, considering high ten is typically used on cheaper frames. But it does have a chromoly down tube. I would add a front brake on this bike and maybe even larger tires, if they fit. Do you know exactly what model Shimano coaster brake it has?
    Ugh shimano coaster brakes are sooo bad. They have tons of drag and the explode (not kidding on that part). Look into the Velosteel one. For almost 500 bucks you could build something a lot nicer.
    Thanks SGC! You're a bike mechanic, right? I was reading about them on Sheldon's encyclopedia.What do you mean by explode? Like overheating or chain breakage? This I find is one of the pitfalls on some mass-produced bikes. It's my brother-in-law who's looking to get a bicycle. I'd build him one, but we live in two different states. Any suggestions?
    • CommentAuthorbobfike
    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2013
    If there's a distributor in his area, the Torker Graduate is a pretty solid machine along similar lines.

    5sp. internal gear Sturmey-Archer hub with drum brakes, which aren't my favorite but are very reliable.
    Much obliged, bobfike. I've heard of Sturmey-Archer. There's so many innovations with internal hubs and I have yet to scratch the surface of 'em all. I do believe it's the present and future for geared bicycles. Just if they were cheaper!

    I also showed him the Surly Steamroller if he wanted to do singlespeed, perhaps dabble in fixed on that one too. I also showed him the Jamis Commuter 3.

    Also, a buddy told me about the Rohloff Speedhub. 14 internal gears. Shifting increases or decreases in increments of 13.6%. I think that's a hallmark of German ingenuity! Here's a bicycle from Co-Motion based out of Eugene, Oregon. Divide Rohloff for a very pretty penny!
    Funny, what new is old and all history is what happens during our recolection,
    Sturmey Archer has been making internal three speed hubs for at least 60 years, and i bet if I did a google search 80 would not surprise me.
    The Rohloff stuff is of the best quality, but can't be retro fit on to just any bike.
    • CommentAuthorbobfike
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2013
    Huge design changes in the Gates carbon belt from previous years now with a central groove that doesn't require your cog and chainring to be in perfect tandem, accurate to a 10,000th of an inch, but the set up is still a few years out of being everyday practicable. The belts are kinda fragile if they're not installed and tend to kink easy, which basically ruins them. Plus, the frame has to be designed specifically for a belt drive, no retrofit ability as far as older frames.

    (also the difference in price between the Torker Graduate and Co-Motion's Rohloff/Gates bike is canyonous. If your bro-in-law has that kind of cash, I don't know why we started the thread with Linus;) )
    Indeed! I wasn't advocating to buy the Co-Motiion. $5K is very steep. Just interested in the world internal hubs. That's just me in a vacuum.
    • CommentAuthoriancambio
    • CommentTimeAug 8th 2013
    sorry to bump a thread, but i just bought a linus roadster. just the base model but its super fun. it came with a coaster brake which is what i really wanted. years of brakeless fixed riding have made my knees and legs super crummy so i needed a change. its seriously the most fun on a bike ive had in years

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