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    *Ongoing thread*

    I have finally set off to re-gear my Schwinn Peloton (now I'm searching for a frame suitable for a fixed beater.) I wanted to build it into a townie/commuter. I decided to take it somewhat easy on this one and piece it together over the winter. Usually I'm balls to the wall and want to knock it out instantly.

    Parts list so far:
    Schwinn Peloton frame
    Mavic Cosmics (got them for 150 and couldn't pass them up)
    Dura-Ace 7402 RD
    Dura-Ace DT shifters from SoCal3Rensho
    Sugino 75 road cranks and BB
    Superbe track pedals w/ Ale cages
    Brooks B15
    Salsa stem (will probably look for a shorter one, current is a 140)
    Front Royal Gran Compe caliper (looking for a different set because of difficulty locating a rear, I'm aware it's the same as a Superbe)
    Wire basket for front

    Here's a few photos of it so far:

    The risers are not staying (I don't think). I have a set of North Road esque bars but with a more "sporty" size, around 45cm width and not as much rise, that I plan on using. I also have "Priest" knock-off bars that were on it previously that I considered using.

    I should mention in effort to prevent any ranting and raving, the janky cable looping and taping is temporary. I plan on using a Paul Thumbie with the DA shifter, so I did a temp install so I could take it for a test ride. I was antsy!

    I welcome opinions and suggestions and look forward to receiving input.
    Cosmics look bitchin'. I sold my front one for the price you bought your set for... haha.
    Thanks, I like how they look with the frame. I thought it would be funny to have a semi-overboard wheelset on a townie. Nice sell!
    Also, I think Nitto mustache bars and aero levers would look killed on this.
    I've always wanted mustache bars. The Nitto's are awesome, but expensive. The guy AK and I went to see had some hanging up. I regret not inquiring how much he wanted for them. I've tossed around using my knock-off priest bars, but I can't decide what type of levers would look best. The Nitto mustache's would be awesome.
    origin8 makes a decent mustache bar
    Pictures don't do the cosmics justice. I found some black straps. You're welcome to 'em.
    Posted By: idrinkwaterorigin8 makes a decent mustache bar

    I'll look into them. I really like the Nitto's, so if I were to buy some I'd probably end up splurging on them.

    Posted By: Albert KernbergPictures don't do the cosmics justice. I found some black straps. You're welcome to 'em.

    The photos definitely don't do any of it justice. Everything is washed out by flash. I have some straps, just yet to install them.
    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2013
    Why no double?

    I made my girls bike a single ring, but thats because I was trying to use a triple shifter with a double crankset and it was trying my patience. With friction its simple!
    Probably wouldn't use it. But to be honest, mainly for aesthetics. I wanted this to be a bit different from what I have.
    they found a good home.
    Merry Christmas !
    Set off on a nice little jaunt up the Monon Trail with ole Albert Kernberg today. Took a few crappy cellular phone pictures to document the experience. The Peloton is in temp. mode. AK took out his Raleigh Super Course.

    Without further ado:

    whats that crap all over the ground?
    sunny and 68 today.
    Sorry, but at least you got to ride, I was at work all day.
    Sunny and 40 here, having a bit of a warm spell.
    I decided to use this single thread as a build thread for all of my bicycles. Sort of a rolling update. I purchased a new toy that should be in tomorrow and and I'm going to be doing a lot of parts swapping. I'm starting to tear down my steel track bike and building it up more classic. I'm aiming towards a full Campy/Cinelli. The Mavic bits are going to the new toy.

    Here's a pic of the new mockup:

    I'm thinking about going white saddle and tape. Opinions? I got inspiration from this:

    Also, I decided to switch gears with the Peloton as well. I'm steering towards a traditional roadie. Tomorrow's shipment will include a yellow Flite that I think I'm going to stick on the Peloton. I'm also thinking drops with black and yellow cloth tape in the diamond pattern. Opinions on the Peloton direction?

    I'll post some pictures of updates on both and tomorrows shipment as they progress.
    • CommentAuthorparkman14
    • CommentTimeFeb 4th 2013
    Great effin build man
    Posted By: vqstaphbeard
    I'm thinking about going white saddle and tape. Opinions?

    we loves whites saddleses and tapeses!

    seriously that will look great!
    I considered white when I first built it up but didn't know how it would look. Then I stumbled upon that bike of similar color and build and loved it. I've had some NOS white tape for years that I've always wanted to use. It may finally find a home.

    More inspiration?
    Duh, I've gauked at that multiple times and forgot all about it. I was even thinking Concor too. Now my white Concor search begins.

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