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    P.S. your Concorde is similar to what I'm going for as well. You could throw on different bars and really change its look.
    Finally finished my Voyageur. I decided to take off the Deore MT-60 derailleurs and shifters in favor of DA 7400. The crankset pictured probably won't stay either. I have some mudflaps that I'm making for this and I believe I'm going to tape and shellac part of the DS chainstay but I need more tape.

    The pictures are a bit blurry due to my crappy digital camera. I had some other shots I liked better but they didn't turn out.

    love the bike but all I can focus on is falling on those stones when the weather isn't so good!
    They're added grip.
    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2013
    And added pain
    I feel a huge lump on my hip. A hematoma the size of a rotten grapefruit!
    Picked this up from VQS.

    Build so far.

    I don't plan on hijacking Virg's build thread.
    Look at that Rivendell bar-end pod box and bag of brass ferules. Slap that Brooks on there.
    Just finished another rando bag. I'll be making a rather large saddle bag out of tweed next.

    New frame on its way.

    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeOct 10th 2013
    What is it? what is it?
    I'll give a hint: Tom Kellog designed it. He built the initial few frames and they went into production after. This is unfortunately the production after math, not a Kellog built frame.
    Ross Sig or possibly and just maybe here a Merlin!! I like everything about this!!! If its Ti, hope it is!!!, I can't wait to give 'er a spin!
    It is in fact a Ross Signature, although a Merlin would have been extremely nice. Also got a Raleigh Super Course from A-Kern.

    RD is in the mail, I need to wrangle a BB, and get a braze-on FD clamp. I still needs brakes and fenders.

    Parts list to date:

    Mavic 501 hubset laced to Mavic Open4CD
    Campagnolo C-Record FD
    Campagnolo C-Record DT shifters
    Campagnolo Triomphe headset
    Lepper stem
    knock-off priest bars
    Campagnolo Victory seatpost
    Concor saddle

    Unsure about crankset and RD. I've been spending way too much money on parts recently so i'm stopping for now, which means the rest will be parts bin. For crankset I have Mavic starfish, Sugino 75 RD, or Sugino Maxy w/ drilliumed ring. RD I have a Mavic or Deore MT-60. None of this is ideal. I'm thinking starfish and Mavic RD for now.

    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2013
    Man that looks good.
    Thanks! That is the og seatpost and saddle which came with it. It matches wonderfully to the grips I made.
    Took the Super Course on it's maiden voyage. I still need to throw the basket on, but I'm not sure on the bar/stem yet. I may throw the leather wrapped priest bars (seen above) on it. I won some Mavic 350 handlebars I may throw on the Ross. I've had the old fenders for a while. I painted them a rosemary color, pinstriped them in gold, and made a mud flap for them.

    Here is the Ross thus far. I'm going to make a large-ish saddle bag for it. If I don't put drops on it I will make a porteur rack for it. Still need a clamp-on bracket for a braze-on FD and a 39t chainring (I have about half a dozen 42s, but I want a smaller ring for town.)

    Parts list to date:

    Campagnolo Victory seatpost
    Campagnolo Triomphe headset
    Lepper stem
    priest bars
    Mavic 501 hubs laced to Mavic Open 4CD rims w/ Grand Bois Cypres 30c tires
    Mavic 840 RD
    Mavic 631 crankset
    Campagnolo C-Record FD
    Campagnolo C-Record DT shifters

    Give me ideas!
    As much as I love Starfish, it doesn't work for me, The drillium Maxy's would would work better with black and silver. The Mavic draws away from the rest of the bike.
    My thoughts as well. The Maxy's have been on there to date, I just put the starfish on today. I painted the Maxy's flutes black in the past which made them fit right in. I've had this darn starfish for ever and keep trying to put them on something. My Mavic gruppo is slowly growing, as stated above, I won a pair of 350 handlebars for ten bucks yesterday. I hope to someday put the Mavic group on a Cannondale frame.

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