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    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2013
    Posted By: vqstaphbeardprofile for it coming soon

    Just uhh... Do it now.

    Posted By: vqstaphbeardYou could always run a 7sp uniglide or hyperglide cassette if that doesn't work out. Providing you had access to a wheelset with a 7sp freehub.

    Yeah, but right now I'm trying to spend no money on bikes and that would require buying a cassette. And to do that I would need to either use a crappy rear wheel from my attic at home or use the wheels from the Ibis.
    Ohhh for some reason I have multiple 7 and 8 speed setups so I was speaking from my own situation.

    I have issues with creating a profile if it's not up to par with my own standards.
    My Voyageur is well on it's way. I've been busy lately and still need to wrap & shellac the bars.

    Meanwhile, I've been wanting to build a beater/commuter. Ultimately I wanted a cool old semi beat up steel frame and throw a Campy NR gruppo on along with my priest bars, non-aero levers, and fenders. I don't have a NR gruppo so I plan on using a hodge podge of parts bin parts in the meantime. I've been on the hunt for a cheap quality frame. Back when I was searching for a touring frame I searched high and low before I found one at a reasonable price. Well now that I want a road frame with eyelets on the droplets, I found another touring frame. Not at all what I wanted but it was too cheap and too cool to pass up. I'm still searching for an appropriate commuter frame. When I find one I think this frame might move over to become my fixed/SS beater.

    I'm actually not sure what it is so if anyone has any ideas...

    P.S. it's also very large, so I'm not sure how that's going to work out.

    Rear dropouts are SunTour and front are Tange (Tange fork).
    I started to do some research and I'm almost positive the new frame (directly above) is a Centurion Pro Tour 15. In which Sheldon claimed "to be perhaps the nicest mass-produced touring bike ever." Very cool! All signs point to yes: shifter boss, chromed areas, SunTour rear dropouts, sloping crown fork, curved brake bridge, and all boss locations.

    If this is the case it's Tange Champion #2 tubing and angles would be 72/72. Also cool because it has shorter chainstays than other tourers which means I won't have duplicate bikes and make this better served as a commuter.
    it looks kind of massive. do you think it will fit alright?
    Probably not. It looks very massive. I thought maybe 650b may make it doable.
    If it's too far of a stretch I'm not out much. I'll have to pass it on.
    Frame looks like it will work size wise. My Voyaguer is sized like my roadies. This is sized Grant Peterson style. Saddle obviously not at correct height.

    Here are some shots of a very rough mockup with parts bin parts for your viewing pleasure, one with flash one without:

    All is subject to change. Mockup wheelset is 27" will probably go 700 w/ 28c. May go with something other than drops, moustache or my priest bars maybe. The frame has an aero braze-on for SunTour shifters, which to the best of my knowledge, they didn't make housing stops for. So I could fabricate one, modify downtube shifters into stops, or run a 1x setup and bolt one housing stop on top. I think the latter would be really cool!

    I would very much appreciate suggestions. Certain things open are silver vs. black housing, Sugino 75 RD vs. Mavic 631 vs. Sugino Maxy, racks yey or ney, brown Brooks vs. black Concor vs. black Flite vs. blue w/ red & white accents Flite, and handlebars.

    Again I would love some chiming in!
    I think black housing, Sugino 75 RD, brooks saddle, and mustache bars (with brown tape)
    That's the combo I'm leaning towards as well. It works out too because I recently took the Brooks off of my fixed beater after I acquired a blue Flite with small red back portions and threw it on. I figured I'd list pretty much everything in my parts bin and see if anyone had any different ideas. I'm watching a pair of moustache bars now on ebay, fingers crossed.

    Also fenders above with 28c ish tires or no fenders with 40c gumwalls semi-knobby?
    I tested a downtube bolt-on housing stop on the SunTour aero shifter boss and it fits great! I think I may run a 1x with this configuration along with a thumb shifter or bar-end.
    • CommentAuthorHaegan
    • CommentTimeAug 20th 2013
    Posted By: vqstaphbeard
    no fenders with 40c gumwalls semi-knobby.
    Thanks for the input! I may de-rack it or at least the low-riders if I go that route. Saddle? I figured if i went the large tire/no fender route I would run a racey-er saddle. Maybe drops w/ DA 7400 levers. Essentially do more of a streetified cross thang.
    I forgot to mention, some of the Pro Tour's were full chrome. If it is I may strip it. Normally I wouldn't dream of it as I love beat up paint, but I have a vision. I've been thinking of making some copper fenders (modeled after VeloOrange.) I would run the copper fenders, copper bell, and olive green Brooks w/ copper rivets, olive green tape, gumwalls of course, and chrome frame. I think it would be a winning combination.
    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeAug 22nd 2013
    In my opinion, that could be a huge gamble. It might work, but it might not.

    You can never go wrong with chrome stays though.
    I may test on the heavily scratched area on the toptube. It will probably end up all talk because I won't be able to bring myself to do it. The only other motivating factor is this isn't the original paint.
    I picked up some Nitto moustache bars that I'm going to couple with DA 7400 levers. I may head Haegan's advice and steer away from my normal commuter build preference. I really don't want a duplicate of the Voyageur. I ultimately wanted a tight old steel road frame w/ dropout eyelets of some sort to throw a Nuovo Record gruppo on along fenders and my priest bars paired with Campy non-aero levers. I'll have to keep searching because I only have the priest bars so far.

    Something along these lines:

    Courtesy of Fabian Falconett
    That thing is pure porn. Maybe my Concorde should become something more similar to that. More of a classy casual lockupable road bike than a beater.
    I've been wanting something like that for a while now. I need to bite the bullet and sell some parts I have lying around and the Pro Tour frame and head this route. I plan on sticking moustache bars on the Pro Tour but it will still be a duplicate of something I already have just with moustache bars. I wanted something with tighter geometry and in between my tourer and a road bike.

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