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    Damn Virg! Looks great. I've always thought it looked better with the campy bits. No need to fear white saddle and tape. Let 'em know its ridden! Ain't nobody got time for the ol' wall queen.
    Oh and on a side note, I have that 3t stem, though it may be a bit long, if you're interested in obtaining that classic look while you wait for a Cinelli to pop up. I also spoke with mi padre and he's picking up that canvas later this week. I'll let you know when I get it.
    I really liked its last iteration, I hated to tear it down. I plan on sticking the DA post and XA stem on the new one. I'm already watching a bunch of 1A stems and a few Campy posts. 3T is probably too long.
    Here's the Peloton with its new mockup:

    I'm thinking black and yellow cloth tape wrapped in the Harlequin pattern. Possibly black tires as well. What do you think?
    Usually I "always" go for black bar tape, but maybe not here. The last iteration with the yellow Flite looks really good so far. Just get hold of a 2nd brake caliper, a 2nd chainring plus front derailleur and another lever. However, I can only guess how 'patterns' are wrapped. Instead of black and yellow, I would therefore opt for a sort of blue, maybe similar to the one that the 'Lampre' team was using. Yellow, black or white tape would possibly not really do it here.

    Like this!!
    I'm usually a black saddle/bar tape guy myself, or sometimes white/white. But, I see this build differently as I want to tone down the white and black frame. If I could find a blue-ish purple tape to match the Cosmics I could see it, but I don't care for standard blue and yellow together. I may wrap a blue T-shirt around it to get a feel. The rest of the parts have been on the list. I'm looking for AX calipers and a DA FD. I actually just pulled out my chainrings and a Suntour FD to put on.

    Here's a photo of the pattern I was referring to:

    • CommentAuthorparkman14
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2013
    fuck ya do it just for the helluvit
    looks like 6th grade summer school macrame' class
    I think I'm going to give it a shot. If I don't like it, I'll have two colors to choose from. The yellow Flite and shorter Salsa stem came attached to a fun package I received today. Here's a few teaser pics:

    I finished the build and took it for a test ride earlier. I'll wait for a bit to show the finished build.
    Can't. Wait.
    • CommentAuthorparkman14
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2013
    • CommentAuthorparkman14
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2013
    I know what it is, I fondled it
    It was packed very nicely, it was fun to unwrap. I especially like the chainring labeling.
    The hype over these just about scared me off, but I've always admired them so I pulled the trigger. I picked it up for a pretty decent deal, I believe, considering their astronomical value.

    Here's a few pics I snapped while out for a ride:

    The last photo was with flash. It seemed to give it a bit of color on the overcast day. What do you think of the build?
    Stunning!!! And you got it in the best color!!! I'd love to see yellow bar tape on it though.
    With black Flite or yellow Flite?
    A black one would look nice, but the yellow one would be top notch!
    Also, yellow Time Atacs (if you ride clipless)
    I've yet to get into clipless, but it's something I've been seriously wanting to give a serious shot. My shoes are for the old 2-bolt so that's been my main excuse for the delay in trying.

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