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    So for a long time I searched for a cost effective lyotard berthet no. 23 clone,

    with the white industries Urban platform far outside of my budget,

    and the Sakae Ringo Sp-11 long out of production, I was out of luck, unless I wanted to pick up a used set on ebay for more than i was willing to pay.

    Then, out of nowhere, MKS released the Urban Platform Pedal, which seems to be a more direct rip of white industries, than a new take on the lyotards, ethics aside, at 58 bucks from universal cycles, the MKS were affordable, and a no brainer.

    So how do they handle? very well. my biggest fear with these, was that the flip tab would break off like on the mks gr-9, which seems to share a similar mold, whereas the mks urban features more structural support beams reenforcing the flip tab, so they seem more sturdy. Initially it took me some getting use to the large flip tab, but after a few blocks of stop and go traffic, i found getting into the pedals easier than with my old MKS Sylvan Track pedals. I also, to my surprise, found the pedals more secure than the sylvans, mostly due to the raised ridges on the pedal thread side of the pedals, combined with the raised ridges on the fore and aft of the pedals, i feel that the footing is rock solid. One thing that I found worth mentioning was that for proper engagement into the toe clips, it was necessary to set up the clips off center so that the foot lined up right in the clip, and the edges of the pedal not digging into the underside of your shoe. Some have complained about the ledge above where the clips mount preventing a universally level platform, but that has been an non issue for me. Cornering clearance on these pedals is exceptional, and they feature tripple sealed adjustable bearings, which seem to allow for the pedals to spin for days. they are pretty light too, at just 308 grams a pair, for a large platform pedal. I would say I am very happy with these pedals, and would recommend them to anyone who rides with cages. They just feel so good.
    From 'Specialized' I once had a set of platform pedals that, in combination with the usual plastic clips and straps, is still my all-time favorit for 'non-clipless' use. After more than a decade, however, it broke - i.e. actually the bearing gave up.

    They really should relaunch it with cartridged bearings and, in case I find it, I will post a picture of the pedal that I kept for documentation :D - I just noticed that the surviving left pedal is already posted here, ... well, not entirely in full view:

    Wait ...Just go for it, Yanks :D
    • CommentAuthorchku
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2012
    Lyotard M. B. no. 23 pedals are one of the most elegant and functional bike components I have used. Perfect for commuting, and also amazingly light given that they're steel and designed in the 1940s.

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