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    So, I am rebuilding my Mikkelsen again. It stole all of its Campy parts for the DBS, and it just sat as a frame and fork for quite some time. A couple weeks ago I finally pressed in the Campy headset for it, thinking I would build it back up for myself. But, I was offered a really great carbon frame for a really great deal (I will reveal that project when I get it). So, long story short, I need to get $2,500 together for the frame. So I've been selling a lot of small stuff (like wheels and saddles and stems and stuff like that) and then I sold my Shogun to Socal. But I really needed to let a bike go, so my friend and I agreed that if I sold his 43cm Trek 1000sl that he outgrew for him, he would buy my Mikkelsen. So, I put it up on Craigslist and a week later, I arranged to meet someone at my house so they could take a look at it. The first test ride the lady went on everything went well, except she had trouble down-shifting with left Sora shifter. And when I say she had trouble, I mean she could not physically press it. The shifter was kind of retarded and was quite hard to press, but I didn't think it was impossible. Anyways, I thought that since that was the only thing she didn't like, I could swap the shifter for a 105 shifter I had and she would buy it. That was not the case. After switching shifters, she then decided that the gearing was too easy (even though it is your standard gearing for a bike with a triple) in the highest gear. And then she just quietly said "thank you" and got in her car and left. I was not happy with this. But, the next person who came to look at it was very easy-going and bought it for $510. So, I built it up for my friend like this:

    And he came over to my house to take it for a test ride. He clipped in, went about half a foot, and then fell over (This was only like the 3rd of 4th time he had ridden a fixed gear). I then told him I was having second thoughts about selling it. Which worked out well, because he decided he didn't want to buy it. The good news is, my mom told me that she would buy it if I put cruiser bars, a basket, two brakes, and a freewheel on it. So, that's the point of this build thread. It's me building the bike to sell to my mom.

    This is what it looks like now:

    Here's my current play for it:
    Dura Ace 7710 rear 36h track hub (to lace to a 36h Mavic OP rim I have)
    Keirin rear brake clamp
    White Oury grips
    Velo Orange Alloy City brake levers
    Campagnolo cable housing clamps
    Cables and housing
    Shimano Sora rear brake

    What do you guys think?
    • CommentAuthorHaegan
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2012
    Are your whole family giants??
    I can send the exploded post and all the shavings which you can bring to the recycling center to put in the kitty!
    Funny how projects alter themselves.
    Posted By: HaeganAre your whole family giants??

    Yep, my mom's the shortest at 6'1"
    Thats a foot taller than my ma...

    I'm taller than my family and I'm 5'8".
    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2012
    I''m in the middle.

    Dad is 5'10"

    Mom is 5'small"
    Shit this thread died quickly. Anyways I'm going to put my Miche/FiR wheelset on it. Also, the bars keep slipping even though both clamps are 25.4. Well, they're supposed to be 25.4, I think the bars (which are really cheap) have a slightly smaller clamp size due to being cheap. And white Oury's and VO levers have been ordered. Any suggestions on a rear Keirin clamp?
    • CommentAuthorheadydude
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2012
    Most I've seen have a homemade look, simply two plates to provide a solid base. So two appropriete sized alloy plates to the front and back of the seat stays at the bridge and a monting hole for the caliper, The hole would have to be close enough to the "natural" location to allow the pads to adjust with in the limits of the caliper arm slots.
    Alright, I think I'll make my own then. The cheapest one on eBay I can find is like 75 bucks and comes with brakes and levers, both of which I already have.
    Decided to go with a coaster brake instead. It's a Velosteel coaster brake hub that I'm going to lace to an old Mavic Open Pro I got for free. Hopefully I'll lace it up tomorrow. And some white Ourys and a Velo Orange brake lever are waiting for me in the shop, so I should get the bike finished up pretty damn soon.

    So, I finished building the rear wheel yesterday, and the bike's all done now!

    I think it turned out very nicely. And my mom's really excited about it too. And the saddle will be replaced with a women's saddle.
    How do you like the brake lever set up like that?
    I think it's pretty nice. I'd prefer a more traditional setup, buy my mom prefers this way. It seems like it would feel awkward, but it really doesn't.
    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeOct 28th 2012
    I've got a lever like that on a pair of soma sparrow bars and it works fine.

    That is a very classy cruiser, looks kinda funny with that negative stem
    Yeah, I agree. But the bars are somewhat low quality, so the clamp size is closer to 25.2 than 25.4, and I couldn't get the Salsa tight enough to keep the bars in place. The Jaguar did work though.
    and now I know what it looks like to put promenade-style bars on a jag stem. thanks for scratching that itch for me man. Also, Velosteel cb hub love. Glad it's all going to a good home
    Hahaha. And I love this hub, it's so well made! And there's barely any drag at all! And it doesn't explode! Unlike certain other coaster brake hubs *cough cough* Shimano *cough cough*
    Mom got a pretty baller bike!

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