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    I have a De Bernardi road frame which has been identified as a Columbus ESA frame.All three main tubes have six grooves(fluted tubing)Now I need a frame sticker for it.Do any of you guys know what type of sticker I need.I've seen the Gilco and MS stickers on fleebay,but I need to be sure I put the correct one on.Do Columbus ESA stickers even exist?
    many bike restorers have them or have access.
    I can recommend Al Wanta of Wanta bikes in Carlsbad, Ca
    Extensive background in custom decal manufacturer, and perfect repros.
    Hw has helped me on a few projects.
    If you come to a decision I know two other builders who have a personal staxh of frame stickers
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    • CommentTimeAug 20th 2012
    Posted By: socal3renshoI can recommend Al Wanta of Wanta bikes in Carlsbad, Ca

    If you're going through a guy who's an acknowledged framebuilder/refinisher/restorer, they can usually get the legit original decals either from the original source (Columbus) or from an OEM decal manufacturer for bike companies, such as SSSink in North Carolina. I had a long conversation with the boss-guy from SSSink at NAHBS in March; they made the original decals for most of the US bike companies, and were licensed to do the repops for restoration/repaint for a lot of the European and Asian brands. They've got a big library of the original artwork, and can do branding in whatever medium you need (waterslide decals, varnish decals, stickers etc.).

    The downside is, they don't deal direct-to-consumer, because of the agreements they have with the original manufacturers. They want to make sure they're not knowingly sending legit decals out for fraudulent purposes, like putting nice Colnago + Columbus decals on gaspipe frames. I've floated the idea of getting a store owner local to him to act as a general go-between (Dale Brown of Cycles de Oro in Greensboro NC, moderator of the Classic Rendezvous mailing list), but I haven't floated that idea past Dale yet.

    OP, it looks like you're in a pretty bad place to be dealing with this, since the west coast of South Island probably doesn't have a lot of framebuilders. I'm guessing Christchurch is probably your best bet, or perhaps Nelson or Dunedin; do you ever get in there?

    I don't recall ever seeing an ESA sticker/decal either, but Columbus has a lot of branding variations. The selection of decals on eBay was limited to the biggies ('60s gold foil, '80s/'90s plain, '80s Bianchi, SL, SLX) until about six months ago. Now all of a sudden, there's tons of variations available.

    I'd keep trolling eBay for awhile, and see what comes up. One of the biggest repop manufacturers is Cyclomondo, AKA Greg Softley in Australia. There's been a little explosion in decal recreators; there's now a couple of companies in England and one in Italy doing a wide range of Columbus decals.
    Eaglerock.Thanks for your responce.Just waiting on a couple of replys and see what comes out of it.And remote location does nothing to help me out.Christchurch is the closest place for me to do this kind of stuff.I will enquire when I get there next.And of course,I will keep my eyes peeled on Ebay.By the way,I thanked you in my 'De bernardi frame type' post-helping me identify the frame.
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    • CommentTimeAug 20th 2012 edited
    You mentioned in the De Bernardi thread that you were having the frame refinished. My guess is that your refinisher can order whatever decals are available anywhere. Now:

    Given that we haven't linked to an ESA decal yet, that may be because there was no specific decal for the six-dent version to distinguish it from the four-dent Gilco; they may have used the same decal on both, since Gilco is the name of the design company that thought up both of them. I'm googling around for photos of ESA-tubed bikes, and here's what comes up with decals:[email protected]/7027273997/

    This one might actually be Gilco

    And from a Turkish forum (all righty!), an ESA Mexico with a generic 80s/90s Columbus decal:

    Here's one posted in a sale on BikeForums by CL's own cyclecrazyjames:

    There's an ESA Mexico pista here on VS:

    And here's the photo of the ESA Mexico from Colnago's 1988 catalog, also with a generic Columbus decal.

    It looks like Cyclomondo has a decal that will work, since this is a non-Colnago frame. The third one has the Gilco logo on it:
    i dont mean to get the OP's thread off topic but...i always wondered what the purpose of these fluted tubes were for in terms of the frameset? are they just for ornamental reasons? i think they're cool as hell and would love to get me a frameset with them someday.
    Watch out for Gilco stickers or simply design your own, as long as you label them onto Gilco tubes. I am not familiar with "ESA". However, you probably cant go wrong with Gilco stickers: If I understood it correctly, it is 'Gilco=Gilberto Colombo', son to Alberto who founded Columbus in 1919. The idea of these flutes seems basically to be the same as with these splines in e.g. their SLX tubes, i.e. stiffness.

    I am not a framebuilder myself, but I think that a perfect frame should flex, where it makes sense, i.e. the 'secret' is to find the right combination of stiffness and flex. The fact that Mr. Colnago opted for 4 flutes and not 5 is probably referring to his clubs-shaped company logo. I also had the opportunity to meet Mr. Pelizzoli at his booth 2 years ago and to talk to him about fluted tubes - with a whole bunch of his sons as translators - They for example use apparently still plain SL tubes.
    O.k. guys..I spoke to Greg at Cyclomondo today.He said that Columbus Gilco stickers are what I need.You guys are right.There is no specific sticker for my frame.These stickers Im getting could be used on 2,4,and 6 fluted tubes.Soooo...big deal for a small sticker.But I can sleep well tonight knowing the frame will be legit!
    Thanks guys for all your help and suggestions.I will post a picture or two when I get the bike together.At this stage,I
    am dressing the bike with a mix of Campagnolo record and chorus.Got a great deal off Fleebay.
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    • CommentTimeAug 21st 2012
    and if anyone know's what sort of tubing used 5 flutes, i'm still curious for my gardin :)

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