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    I was wondering what kind of tires these are on this bike.
    And if they are any good?
    Soma Everwear. They are thick tires made for skidding and urban use. They are alright but I prefer Gatorskins.
    Thanks. I do read some bad reviews about the soma everwear having some problems with the sidewall. I'm gonna have a look at those Gatorskin tires! Thanks.

    Did you also had the same problem with the soma everwear?
    • CommentAuthorShaku
    • CommentTimeAug 15th 2012
    Posted By: tblaneydavidsonDid you also had the same problem with the soma everwear?

    Umm what? didn't he and you just say they had issues with the everwear's sidewalls?

    anyway, if you do plan on skidding, even though they are sluggish (not very fast rolling) Vittoria Randonneurs last for quite a lot of skidding.
    • CommentAuthorSkidMark
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2012
    Yeah the tread delaminates at the sidewall long before the tread wears out, unless you go through tires in less than a month. I had it happen to one and they warranteed it, and then that one did the same damn thing. Supposedly it is from underinflation but I am religious about tire pressure.

    They also get a square profile from skidding which doesn't effect handling but does make the bike feel slow and heavy (more pedaling effort).

    If you are going to do nothing but go out and skid down hills all day they are great, but for anything else they suck.

    I don't like Gatorskins (or any Continental) tire either. Same slow and heavy feeling.

    Try Panaracer RiBMo for skidding and T-Serve for commuting.

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