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    hey guys i need help, so i just bought a full carbon fork by specialized and i have a few questions..

    since the steer tube is a bit long, and i want to cut it, but here is the plug that is inside the fork

    and was wondering, if i can still reuse it? if i can then, what about the screw/adapter on the left? because if i do cut the steer tube a bit, the adapter will stick out or my LBS can just hammer the plug inside the steer tube?

    AND! can i use a intergrated crown race with an open bearing headset?
    you've already put this in the Quick Question Thread....please keep it in one spot.
    I deleted it already, sorry
    • CommentAuthor2011
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2012
    Stick the bolt down and thread it into the adjuster that inside the fork, then slowly yank it out with some pliers. Cut down the fork, and then place it back into the fork a few millimeters below the top. Install headset as normal.
    • CommentAuthor2011
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2012
    By the way... that fork is obviously not full carbon.
    Posted By: 2011By the way... that fork is obviously not full carbon.

    it is,I had the flash on to get a betterlook, its a s-work carbon fork
    before you cut, and I guess it must be a big length differenc or you must have the slammed look, be sure you wont want to swap it to another bike in six months, because you can never make it longer again.
    an inch longer than my stock fork, and im planning to keep this fork once its cut
    And you confirmed the installed height will match what your used to? just love the theory of measure twice cut once!!!
    mhmm, measured 3 times :D

    well so i took out the plug.. and ive noticed that im missing the cap.. poop, ima go to my local lbs to see if they have the cap for it
    never what you had planned when a used part is involved, maybe while your there making a purchase they can do the labor at a good rate.

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