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    Just bought an NOS Colnago Master Olympic frame, and wondering what to put on her.

    Thus far I've a Colnago Pantographed stem, seatpost and NOS Campagnolo Scirocco 20 wheels (9/10/11 speed) (sourced by OldMuthaRiley...bless his soul).

    I've also got hold of a NOS set of Ambrosio Excellence red rims and Ambrosio Zenith 36h hubs. A friend of mine is going to build them for me.

    I got hold of a 2011/2012 11 SPEED Campagnolo Athena Alloy Groupset (on sale foe £399 from Planet-X), but I'm unsure about using it on her.

    Any advice gratefully accepted.

    oh man!

    you speak my language!!

    NOS?! from where?! do these exist?! I would give both my nuts for one of those!

    My vote would be 8s or 9s Record chains and cassettes are still available, and cheep. You could get a sweet pair of shamals, rockin' bike!

    this is officially a build thread...
    (1) Your modern alloy Athena or (2) period C-Record (early 90s, ergopower 8 speed) would look sick. The period stuff will be a little heavier but really classy. I've heard the 2011+ Athena no longer allows multiple shifts in one motion, which would annoy me greatly as it's the one real advantage over ShimSram.
    I'm torn. I love the lines, the lug work, the chrome, but the paint job looks like a childs bad reaction to Halloween candy overload.
    As to the build, period 8 spd, 3T cockpit, and a Rolls Girardi saddle. Giro Rosa! that would tie it all together
    Posted By: socal3renshothe paint job looks like a childs bad reaction to Halloween candy overload.

    It's magically delicious!
    Got it from a guy in the North of England.It had been built up for display in a shop in Italy, but never ridden. He bought the frame from them, but it was too big for him. I spoke to Colnago in Italy after giving them the serial number, and they confirmed it's date as a 1996, and that it had only been on display!

    It took me a full week to get used to the colours, but now I love it!

    It's coming along....

    This. Excellent bike build thread. Can't wait for the next update.
    • CommentAuthormanbeard
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2012
    absolutely gorgeous. deserves record 9 speed titanium!
    Actually think the red hoops would add more continuity front to back. the ano with blue decals believe it or not, distracts me.
    i vote for the ambrosio rims too, although mostly because i'm a sucker for that kind of section. what a find!
    • CommentAuthorChris V
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2012
    I love the colors. Beautiful.
    Don't like the Campy wheels on this frame. The black stem/post would look better w/black rims.
    Since you already have the red rims, 2 ways to go:
    Get a chrome/polished stem and STRAIGHT post (unless it's a must for fit) OR, get black rims.
    IF you need a post with setback, that is straight, the Paul seatpost is very classy.

    Hubs are already paid for BUT....there's a UK site that has Centaur hubs 36H (NOS of course) in century grey for 100 pounds.
    ^^The other consideration for chrome stem/post w/red rims is that the brake track on the red rims will pop out.

    Put a black tire on the red rim in the frame and see what you think, OR, take a pic!
    Honestly, I think the black T setback and black quill stem look cool. It's really something you don't see too often on older steel frames. As for the Sciroccos, I dunno, something doesn't seem quite right about them. I'd say throw some tires on the quickly (you don't even need rim tape or tubes) and post pics of them like that. That way we can get a better idea of what they'll look like. Overall, this is top notch.
    Oh dear god! Oh drool uhhuh! Nice bike:)
    • CommentAuthorMustangWolf
    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2012 edited
    Something about very colorful frames makes it hard to add more color by way of components. Especially with such a pronounced palette of this Colnago frame.

    Red and silver rim + black tire already calls attention to the wheelset and competes with the frame. IMHO the frameset should be the centerpiece in terms of color with a subdued component color palette. That's just art school talking maybe.

    Still, whatever you do, I'm sure its gonna be a great build!
    Thanks for the comments and encouragement guys. It's got me pondering what to do from this point. I'll post up pics once the Ambrosios are built up.

    I'm realising that I'm going to be scared to ride this once built!

    Away with work for a few days now.

    Ride safely.
    • CommentAuthorChris V
    • CommentTimeJun 7th 2012
    Maybe all black components to go with stem and seat post? Black rims and black tires with black saddle and bar tape? And I feel like the red rims wouldn't look so well.

    What I would do is use the Campy wheels and get silver stem and seat post and get a while saddle and use white bar tape.
    Chris V...all that white stuff scares me. Gets grubby too easily. the all black suggestion isn one I was thinking about this morning. It would frame the frame.
    The 11speed Athena Groupset (silver rather than carbon) arrived. It will look great on her.

    Getting there!

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