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    • CommentAuthorJ Juicy
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2008
    Please describe your dream bike. Everything would be nice. Fixed-gear, road, mtb, etc. Um. Colors I guess. Oh yeah, especially parts! and maybe what it would be for, racing, commuting, tricks, touring...
    cinelli laser
    • CommentAuthorCrashTest
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2008
    ^ /end thread
    Yeah, that's a gorgeous interface between stem and frame. Amazing.

    It's complicated to say what my dream bike is. That's probably true for everyone.

    Here's one:

    I'd be awfully happy with a 1990s Cannondale touring frame in metal flake dark green, Mavic Open Pros, Dura Ace hubs and gruppo running from 53:12 to 38:27, Easton carbon fork, San Marco Mantra saddle, 28mm Continental Gatorskins. Then I'd go ride for a couple of days because, in this dream, it's May and 72 degrees.
    • CommentAuthorZ4N5H1N
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2008
    1983 Team Miyata, original paint and components.
    • CommentAuthorGone
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2008 edited
    1984 Bianchi "super pista" celeste with a Campy "super record" track grouppo mind that I'm quite happy with what I've got.
    let's not be too humble
    • CommentAuthorgreg
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2008
    Wow. Campy cranks and a bunch of space age George Jetson stuff
    I actually thought those are stronglight cranks but I noticed the old skool campy looking logo... who knows?
    A Cinelli Best of With Sram Red would be sooo soso soooo cool. Or nearly any BMC. I love BMCs. Or a Moots. I love those too. It's too hard to choose!
    Aliderkrasse, that's pretty amazing.
    to Joshua:
    I could fill books with the pics I've accumulated during the last couple o' years containing possible dream bikes... most of those bikes were never made more than twice
    here is a my favorite huffy pursuit

    those are "dream bikes" to me... not something I already have
    Oh, I've heard about that! It was made by Serotta or someone, right?
    well it was ridden by Steve Hegg who set the 4000 meter individual pursuit world outdoor record in 1986
    It sold for only $1600 I wish I was loaded so I could collect all these famous bikes... "Dream Bikes"
    • CommentAuthorgridplan
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2008
    That Cinelli Laser is or was at one time owned by vintage collector Ken Denny, was it not?
    • CommentAuthormastronaut
    • CommentTimeNov 11th 2008
    This is my dream bike..
    Posted By: gridplanThat Cinelli Laser is or was at one time owned by vintage collector Ken Denny, was it not?

    I know the one of the two they made like this is in the New York Moma and I believe Ken Denny is still the current owner. I also found this article:

    But for me the Cinelli Laser marks the high water mark of human ingenuity and our ability give beauty, fitness to purpose. That something so exquisite could win no less than 28 World Championship and Olympic Gold Medals tells us all we need to know about the what the human race is capable of at its best. In 1991, it won the Compasso d'Oro, highest italian award for industrial design, and remains the only bicycle ever to have been so awarded. It's also permanently exhibited in New York's MOMA museum of modern art.
    I also really like Chris Boardman's Lotus but am currently working on my own Obree frame so maybe I shouldn't dream of that lotus...

    I also always loved the classic Moser designs for his hour record

    and I would also like to try the zero bike

    and I would also like to try the zero bike

    That zero bike uses like magnets or something right? to spin the wheels? anyone know how it works? it doesn't look like there's a chain either.

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