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    • CommentAuthorsoukietron
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2011
    I picked up an All City frame a couple weeks back. I've been eyeballing some different frames for a while and I was interested in the frame when I saw a complete build on CL for $200.
    Sho 'nuff, the frame was a little scratched up, but overall decent, and the components were absolute shit. Like... wal-mart worthy, with the exception of a Thomson Elite stem.
    Sold the stem and shitty wheels for $60, which brings the cost down to $140.
    I decided that I really don't like riding upright. It's too casual for me. So I put it up on CL after some research.
    Apparently it's a limited edition. One of 130 per frame size.
    I've had a fair amount of trade offers. Of all the trade offers, the one that piqued my interest is a Surly Cross Check frameset and some Mavic Ksyrium wheels.
    Good idea or bad idea? Why?
    It seems like a pretty unfair deal to me for the other guy. Am I missing something?
    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2011
    I love love my crosscheck if thats any help.

    is this you?
    That's a great deal, if the frame fits you and the wheels are in good shape.

    Do it.
    Do it who cares about the other guy he's a trick

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