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    • CommentAuthorMancha150
    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2016
    Watch out for Sprint & Keirin driveside impressions :D

    Here you go:
    11.08. Track-Teamsprint M
    12.08. Track-Teamsprint F
    12.08. Track-Pursuit M *
    13.08. Track-Pursuit F **
    13.08. Track-Keirin F
    14.08. Track-Sprint M **
    15.08. Track-Omnium M *
    16.08. Track-Keirin M
    16.08. Track-Sprint F **
    16.08. Track-Omnium F *
    19.08 BMX F **
    19.08. BMX M **
    20.08. MTB Cross-Country F
    21.08. MTB Cross-Country M
    *) Qualification / Begin 1 day earlier
    **) Qualification / Begin 2 days prior to Finals
    Road Race/ ITT do have winners already
    Guess I have a lot of catching up to do!! I come back and lurk allllll the time but offline. Plus got out of bike collecting for some time now. Possibly getting back into it. But collecting to keep this time.

    At least this place is still around to look at all the pictures still! Enjoyable
    Reminder - twimc ..and to those that are still able to hold a keyboard, of course:

    m=mar & w=sun & a=1 , Strade Bianche - Eroica Pro
    m=mar & w=sat & a=3 , Milano-San Remo
    m=apr & w=sun & a=1 , Ronde van Vaanderen
    m=apr & w=sun & a=2 , Paris-Roubaix

    Not everybody rides 'Dead Horses' :D - Referring to my extremely imortant post from last week:

    Ronde 2017 - Last 30 Kilometers (after 230 already)

    ... and for tomorrow:

    ... and maybe the day after tomorrow:

    Bristol's Bespoked Bicycle show, often referred to as the UK's answer to NAHBS :O
    Does anyone still follow up on here ..and -if so- at least slightly follow the TdF ?!?

    Opinions about todays events ? I saw a video of todays finish (stage 4) and some pics that were taken. It may have been an 'aggressive' act -on both sides, it seems- but never ever was it 'particularly serious aggression', according to which he was taken out.

    First, the Jury allegedly decided
    (the road was 10m and they all rode in the few meters on the left. The "victim" pushes were there simply is no space, and his elbow is hidden, i.e. in a 'stage finish' they all 'endager' each other)

    "10.1.Deviating from selected lane, endangering other riders" : 1st offence: relegation to the last place in his group, point classification penalty equal to the points awarded to the first place of the stage, 200 + 30’’ in general class. 2nd offence: relegation to last place in the stage, point classification penalty equal to the points awarded to the first place of the stage, 200 + 1’ in general class. 3rd offence: elimination + 200

    Then, however (mistakenly, as far I am concerned):

    30. Acts of violence
    30.1. Among riders 200 per offence + 1’ penalty per offence in stage races - -> Elimination for particularly serious aggression


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