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    Hi there..I just received my De Bernardi back that was stolen off me 12 years ago!!By chance, I just happened to be browsing our local online trade and exchange outfit when I discovered the bike.It was about 1000km away.Anyway,the bike I think is different to other De Bernardi's I've seen.The three main tubes are ribbed or clover leaf shape if that makes sense.The bike use to have a sticker which had the type of tubing it was made of,but thats long gone.The paint job is chromed forks and chromed rear end with black on the top half and yellow on the bottom half of the frame.Can someone help me to identify the frame.Any help would be the icing on the cake.Thanks for hearing me
    How did you get it back? Post the story!

    The tubing sounds like the Colnago Master profile. I wasn't aware that De Bernardi ever used that. Pics would help.
    Hi,I had to bid on it.I won the auction of course.$150 later,it was at my door.After that I rang the police,and they chased it was so long ago that the bike probably went through a few sets of hands before it ended up at a second hand store.I had even remembered the serial number under the frame.E 57.I think the 'E' had something to do with the type of frame it is,and the 57 is the size of the frame.The frame is now green.I got it painted that colour not long before it got stolen.Why I did that,God only knows.The colours I discribed in my first post were the original colours,and I only used them to hopefully refresh some memories out there if that helped.To be honest with you,I forgot the seat tube was ribbed,so it was a nice surprise to see that.I will post pics.It really was a nice bike in its day,and will be again after I restore it to its original condition
    • CommentAuthorstalag13
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2011
    that sounds kinda like Columbus MS tubing maybe, which was developed with Gilco. Frames w MS have a fluting that runs most of the length of the tube. Post some pics up!
    can someone tell me how to post pics of the frame?
    • CommentAuthorstalag13
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2011
    just put in the url. no image tags needed or anything.
    • CommentAuthorstalag13
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2011 edited
    sorry, should've specified. the image url is what you need.

    • CommentAuthordrewhan
    • CommentTimeSep 12th 2011 edited
    i have a very similar bike and need to know what make it is. some have said de rosa. now some are saying it's a debernardi. it looks very similar to this one above. can anyone with expertise help identify?

    here's the link to the pictures

    • CommentAuthoreaglerock
    • CommentTimeSep 12th 2011 edited
    Okay, we were just talking about the indented Columbus tubing in a Colnago thread not too long ago...

    kiwiglacier, does your tubing have four indentations, or six? Four is Columbus Gilco, as used in the Colnago Master; six is Columbus ESA, as in the Colnago ESA Mexico.

    drewhan, there isn't nearly enough detail in those photos for a meaningful ID. First off, it's a regular round-tube frame, not a shaped-tube frame like kg's. Second, the cutouts in the headtube lugs aren't super-unique; lots of Italian builders have used lugs with the flattened-heart cutouts, including Masi, Colnago, De Rosa, De Bernardi and so on. In all probability, the lugs were made by a lugmaker who sold them to a lot of framebuilders, and each framebuilder dressed the lugs up (or didn't) as he saw fit.

    What does the bottom bracket shell look like? Are there any cutouts in the bottom for the shell? How about the seat cluster/seatstay caps? How about the dropouts, the brake bridge, the fork crown?
    • CommentAuthorBigtednz
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2012
    I just traded for a frame exactly the same today mine is spray painted black but if you chip away at the paint it is chrome underneath...same flutes on all 33 tubes and Columbus sticker shows orange so possibly AELLE??
    • CommentAuthorShaku
    • CommentTimeMar 18th 2012
    reminds me of my Gardin a bit :P

    @Bigtednz.Tho I'm sure you know what you are talking about and saw,some people think they found chrome when in fact it was nickel plating!
    @Eaglerock.Thanks alot for your info.Helped me out heaps.I have 6 grooves in all three tubes.So Columbus ESA it is then.By the way,I am having talks with a frame restorer at the moment.That green colour will disappear and turn into a gloss black across the top half of the frame and blend into a flouro green across the lower half.The stays will be chromed.This is going back to the original colour scheme.Thanks again.

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