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    Shimano 6200 ran for a while it started before 6300 AX and ran past it. 6200 incorporated the Arabesque gruppo and the gruppo of the crank lilakmonoke posted above (the style that was similar to DA 7400). Shimano 6400 was the "tri-color" gruppo and when they added Ultegra to it.

    As far as above, not quite sure, could be a mixed bag. I can't place the cranks from that distance. RD appears to be this

    If so the rest (other than the cranks) could be from the Shimano 6207 gruppo.

    Scroll through and check out the 6207 items:
    the calipers are the AX type, way before Campy deltas, similar mechanical system. Modolo also made something quite similar. Mish mash build
    im buying parts and there is two more things that came up ... the shimano 600 ax crank needs adapters to run it with normal sis clip pedals. that doesnt seem elegant to me so i think ill go with the 6207 for cranks ... also im not so shure if the ax breaks are such a good idea. they look cool but are a very large chunk of aluminum for something i hardly ever use. anybody uses them around here? are they worth the dead weight?
    Modolo's version was the Kronos. I like the AX calipers.
    ok man i think ill try them ... a dead weight might as well look cool and useless haha. thing is i think the 6207 breaks are really the best looking breaks in the business.
    the point of using the 600 AX crank is to use the AX pedals as well, nice platform for regular shoes as well as slotted cleats on a cycling specific shoe.
    • CommentAuthorlilakmonoke
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2013 edited
    i know but im riding shimano sis clips only and i dont see that going on the ax pedals without something silly.

    got the cranks today 6207 it just looks awesome and much chunkier than the later tricolor stuff. anybody has any idea how long my bottom bracket needs to be so i can get a 42 mm chainline with a 600 crank and an outside chainring. im building this over the weekend so any hint is most wellcome. i think 113 mm but i want to hear it from somebody that has actually built that.
    Usually a 109 but it depends on the cranks.
    its a 6207 crank and a tricolor 6400. like i said im building two bikes at the same time ... damn i just bought two tange 113 mm bottom brackets. so im off by 4 mm? can somebody confirm that before i return them? also whats the longest lasting square taper bracket for this in your opinion? outside of phils of course ... and my 90 mm ax stem just came in and its beauty beyond awesomeness! you guys are amazing, thanks ...
    109 mm bottom bracket can somebody verify that please? i need to built this tomorrow, its spring! thanks a millionandone!
    • CommentAuthorShaku
    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2013
    this just list the ultegra and im running 6207s fix with the ring on the outside and need a 42 mm chainline. i need somebody who has done this and came out with the correct chainline ... if the bracket for gears is 113 then its probably something like 110 because thats in the middle of the two chainrings which are 7 mm apart. wild guess here! ... anyways if nobody confirms this im just going to go with 110 tomorrow. problem is i cant return parts once they are on the bike. sorry for all the whining!
    actually no ... im running pauls high flange where the chainline is 44 mm. and here is more info:

    so if a 108 gives a straight chainline at 42 mm a 112 would give you a 44 mm chainline, right? 2 mm more on both sides .. sheldon lists the 600 chainline at 43,5 with a 113 bracket. for the outside ring it would be 43,5+3.5 = 47 mm ... so i need 3 mm less on both sides which is 107 ... so 108 sounds about right. this is all for the 6400 but im running 6207 on the other bike and i just hope its the same. im confused!
    • CommentAuthorb3pkay
    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2013 edited
    Not to confuse you any more but... the 600's I ran used a 103 bottom bracket and the chainline worked out to be 42. **chainring on the outside.
    right! damn you and all that ... which 600s did you run? numbers please so i can do more useless calculations.
    hang on ... thats actually ok because for a chainline of 44 you would need a 4 mm longer bracket which is ABRACADABRA ... 107! which is what i was saying. dang thats what ill get tomorrow if nobody objects. still want to know which crank you are riding. thanks!
    • CommentAuthorcg3288
    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2013
    The difference between 42mm and 44mm is not 4mm.
    stupid maths
    shure it it! its 2 mm longer on both sides which is 4 mm .. well yes maths is stupid but so is buying parts that dont fit.
    confirm that the extra length is symmetrical. some spindles add to just the drive side.

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