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    Ok the weights in hubs range from 115 to 235. How much of a diff will that make for a day to day road bike, with occasional long trips?
    The phil wood track is low flange, and bolt on...some hubs have wider axlesthan others too?
    Thoughts are the Phil last forever and roll the smoothest.
    Most all front hubs are listed at wheelbuilder dot com (no one local has 36's in black).

    However, the White Ind. M15 IS $40 less, and 70g less, (and compared to the WI H2 road hub, has a bigger cromolly axle, where the H2 doesn't)
    My q. leads from the claim that the PHil "FSA" road hub is "optimized" for 700c wheels.

    So if I use the SS kiss off for the front, that's worse? If so, by "how much" - curious about the differences that I can't figure out myself.

    Curious to learn more.
    FYI this will be on an ambrosio excellence rim, black.
    • CommentAuthormanbeard
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2011
    Just lace them to what ever you want youll go just as fast
    • CommentAuthor2011
    • CommentTimeJun 10th 2011
    Seriously.... just stop thinking. Haha.

    A few extra grams of weight in a hub is NOT going to make you any slower, and nor will a lightweight hub make you ANY faster.

    You could take a dump before you go ride, and it would save about 100x times the weight difference of these hubs. Plus it will actually make your body feel faster.
    • CommentAuthorSkidMark
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2011
    Kiss off is a singlespeed rear hub.
    formula hubs ftw
    • CommentAuthormanbeard
    • CommentTimeJun 12th 2011
    Yeah, there is way to much analysis going on with this. Nice hubs are nice hubs are nice hubs. Take a poop, train your brains out and if your bike feels like its slowing you down do some EPO and go train some more
    Posted By: CanadaSteepFYI this will be on an ambrosio excellence rim, black.

    Everybody knows that red makes you go faster. Change up the rims and you'll go 3x faster.
    • CommentAuthorCanadaSteep
    • CommentTimeJun 14th 2011 edited
    Thanks for of the insights :-p

    I'm curious on how the stuff actually works, for example, like I stated, one hub is "optimized" with the flanges canted towards the rim?
    What are the pros/cons of that? OK, so how does it compare to say, high flange track hubs?
    Technical differences for knowledge. Not knowing isn't necessarily a license to poop on people.
    I think I was pretty clear that I was looking to learn something.
    Also, methinks some of you are trying way too hard in order to just amuse yourself.

    This isn't going to effect what I go for, but curious all the same.
    Skidmark: there is a K.O. front hub - on wheelbuilder.

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