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    • CommentAuthorslow_cycler
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2011 edited
    Hello all,
    I am a newbie when it comes to cycling, but would like to get involved! A lot of my buddies have triathlon bikes and very nice road bikes. I was not sure if I would enjoy cycling, thus did not want to put 100's and/or thousands into getting a specialized road bike, plus I am in college! Need I say more. :)
    I found a late 1970's to early 1980's bike on Craigslist that needs some work for $30, but I do not mind putting a little bit of money into it here and there for now. I am very mechanically inclined when it comes to cars, so I figured this would be an easy pick up when repairing/restoring. I am very curious in the history of this bike so I was curious if anyone could give me any information just by looking at the photo's. I only have the one's from craigslist where the gentleman posted. Here is the post to it, so if there is any recommendation on parts please let me know. I would not mind putting a little extra money into well made/performance parts.

    "I have a schwinn 10 speed that needs some TLC. Can easily be made into a single speed or fixed gear will require more work to operate as 10 speed again. WIll need a new bottom bracket and chain and an inner tube to bring it back to functioning status ( thats prob. a total of $20-60) depending on the quality of the parts and where u get them. Tires are in good shape. A seat and seat post are included although not shown in photos ( Avocet seat in good shape)."

    I am not sure how to post pictures on here yet so I will try to upload them and to "my stuff" and go from there if possible.
    Thanks a lot-Josh

    EDIT: Here are direct links to photos on photobucket. Still trying to figure out the loading process for pics for now. These are from Craigslist and I will try to obtain better ones tomorrow

    UPDATE: 6/08/11
    "This bike was purchased off of Craigslist. At the time I had little information about bike's and wanted to not only get into road biking, but build one as well. When I bought this bike, it was not the ideal "novice's bike" which led me to taking the bike to a local bike shop (LBS). After finding multiple forums, one member sent me many parts from spare bikes he had to help me out. I did what I could, but unfortunately ran into many problems. The handlebar stem was so rusted to the fork it had basically welded itself to one another. The bottom bracket was shot, it had no cables, no shifter/brake levers, no brake hardware to speak of, no tires/tubes, no saddle bracket, and the list goes on. After many days of working on the bike, I took to the LBS to be finished as I was unable to identify what was still missing. This is the result and now I am continuing my education and looking to better the bike. Next items looking to be purchased: white saddle, pedals, & cateye computer."

    Parts list can be found here; for some reason the pic is not loading on there?

    Are you in the Richmond, VIRGINIA area? If so check out out Re-Cycles out on Cary St. They have nothing but bins and bins of old bike parts for cheap. If you need any advice though, Luke Stevens at Bunnyhop on Grace St is pretty knowledgeable. Thats where I usually buy my parts and direct all my questions toward, they however don't sell used bike parts (but really nice stuff nevertheless) but if you need a rear wheel built up definitely go talk to him, his rates are pretty good.
    I am actually located in Richmond, Ky. I know of a few specialty shops: one in town and a couple in Lexington, Ky. I would most likely prefer new parts. Some believe me putting money in this thing is worthless, but I enjoy rebuilding and putting some money into such tasks at times. I honestly would not mind replacing clutch, and rear assembly with something better in relation to performance. If there are any links so that I may get an idea I would greatly appreciate it. I am currently performing searches as well. Thanks a lot.
    Also advice on rust removal would be appreciated as it looks as though this has accumulated some in many areas.
    • CommentAuthortypeDvorak
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2011
    Naval jelly or aircraft paint remover if you plan on stripping down to bare metal. If not then it would be the same as in car restoration. Medium grit paper to dig out the rust, course to give it a little tooth and primer/wet sand until you have the area level.
    After finally have the chance to look at this bike, especially when I picked it up it was dark, I just realized it has no braking components whatsoever! No brake levers, cables, nothing!

    I had the idea of using aircraft paint remover. But I am not sure yet. The paint overall looks fine, just those small rust spots here and there. For those of you who have repainted: do you goto the extent to send the frame to a shop and have them bead it and repaint or basic spray can with some clear coat?
    • CommentAuthorFranzen
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2011
    I have done the repaint a few times (each time swearing it will be the last). Jasco paint stripper -> wire wheel attached to drill -> five horrible hours later, prime and spray with basic paint. Clear coat is probably a waste of time because the paint will chip anyway, but it can look nice and shiny for the two rides prior to that. If you want a basic color, outdoor furniture paint is extra durable.
    I've also become the resident "stripper" (the kind that keeps his clothes on but takes the paint off) and re-painter, and Jasco and a wire brush will do the job if you don't have a drill. paint slowly if you don't want any drips!! it always seems fine until its suddenly already running down the head tube and you have to wait 24 hours and then sand and start again. Go all-new on the cranks/bb. that old garbage crankset/bb may clean up nice after 2 hours of steel wool but will never stop having problems especially if you try to make it work for a fixed gear.
    oh but anyway, sweet bike. I rode a '79 schwinn traveler conversion until recently.
    Posted By: Alexander703Are you in the Richmond, VIRGINIA area? If so check out out Re-Cycles out on Cary St.

    Man, I love that place. I stop in there every time I'm in town.

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