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    • CommentAuthorMRE
    • CommentTimeDec 28th 2010 edited

    I started riding fixed a year ago with a Kilo TT and beginner parts...
    I'm looking to upgrade my frame and crank in a few months, what should I consider?
    I'm not into spending 1000$ for the frame because I only ride the streets and I don't want to get mad if I start f-ing it up...

    The Kilo is cool and all but it feels a little cheap? weak? i don't know...
    I was maybe thinking of a Low Pro (Affinity) or a Cinelli Gazetta...

    I'm actually looking for a quality classic looking frame
    for example, something like what this dude rides :

    Any suggestions?

    I think Reynolds butted tubing is better and lighter than heavy 4130 tubing on the LoPro, Cinelli is nice but
    Posted By: MREI'm not into spending 1000$ for the frame because I only ride the streets and I don't want to get mad if I start f-ing it up...

    • CommentAuthorMRE
    • CommentTimeDec 28th 2010
    mmmyaa, the cinelli is nice but...

    I want something like the Kinfolk frames, but obviously not as expensive,
    Aside from the Kilo feeling "cheap", are you pleased with it overall? The lugged version might be worth taking into consideration.
    The Cinelli is nice and can be purchased for around 450 from ProBikeKit or Ebay. However, I don't like the fork too much.

    For about same price, you could get an EAI Bareknuckle from BikeBiz that are on sale right now. They only have a FEW sizes and colors left. Good deal on a 700-800 frame/fork.

    You could also look at the Sillgey Phantom. It's a full lugged steel frame. Classy.

    Bike Biz has 2 left on sale for 499 I thinkā€¦ Both about your size. The yellow/orange one is damn hot and could be a stunning build.
    • CommentAuthorMRE
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2010
    the sillgey's are nice... I didn't know they made a lugged kilo... interesting... it wouldn't reallly be an upgrade.. no?
    • CommentAuthorheadphone
    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2010
    bob jackson vigorelli.
    • CommentAuthorgravity
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2011
    I think everybody knows this site already but what the hell since no one mentioned it.

    Bought a frame from Gabe. He's super nice. If the frame is dented he would clearly say to you that is dented so that you won't feel cheated when you get the frame in the mail. Price is competitive too. Plus it was a Samson from the Outlier site so..
    • CommentAuthornikon13
    • CommentTimeJan 1st 2011
    Posted By: headphonebob jackson vigorelli.

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