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    • CommentAuthorHabitual
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2010 edited
    a couple of weeks ago i bought a second hand corima 4 spoke front wheel.

    after a couple of days a sort of audible click and tiny bump developed while riding.

    i took it to my LBS to have it checked out and they said it sounds like one of the bearings is cracked or messed up

    however after replacing the bearings we found that it didnt help and only then did i realise that the it was actually because the whole hub itself is just the tiniest bit loose in the wheel and allows for an extremely tiny bit of verticle play (picture is from google, my wheel is actually front)

    however this almost unnoticable verticle play manifests itself while riding, in the click i had been feeling/hearing

    My lbs said that they couldnt help me but that a DIY solution might be to fortify the hub with fiber glass or some sort of epoxy and sculpt sort of half-pipe all around the hub to keep it in place.

    has anyone had a similar problem such as this? any advice would be greatly appreciated

    the wheel runs smooth and true, its just that annoying click. the play really is miniscule and id hate to write off the whole wheel because of it
    The epoxy has delaminated from the hub. This is dangerous and it's more or less a wall ornament now.

    But if you must, I'd just throw some two part epoxy around the edges of the hub to fill any cracks or further movements as best as possible. Use as little as possible as gunking it up with tons of epoxy will just mask the issue. I would not put fiberglass on it. Put it on a truing stand before the epoxy hardens to make sure it's more or less straight.

    Make sure your health insurance is good and you have dental insurance if/when the wheel decides to separate from the hub entirely.
    • CommentAuthorHabitual
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2010
    f* its basicly a write off then.

    only got a couple of days use out of it, what a waste of money :(
    Posted By: Habitual

    remove the [img]. Just paste the raw image url

    If you really really like the wheel, Corima does offer repair services.

    It wouldn't hurt to send them an email.

    And finally, I would not trust a bike shop with repairing carbon fiber wheels.
    • CommentAuthormeatman
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2010
    Posted By: Habitualwhat a waste of money :(

    I'd say that's terms for "shenanigans" on the seller, get yo' money back!!!
    • CommentAuthorHabitual
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2010
    when i picked it up the seller mentioned that he himself had never ridden it. so now hes throwing that back in my face and giving me the whole, "sold is sold, you had a chance to inspect the wheel, im not responsible" routine. which i suppose is fair enough to a certain degree, although bit of a bitch move to deny any and all responsibilty though imo.

    octopus: the bike shop said they couldnt really do anything, they only suggested it as something i could try. I was thinking about sending corima an email, but i heard their repair services are quite pricey, and i dont feel like throwing good money after bad. still though, it couldnt hurt i guess.
    • CommentAuthorChilvers
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2010
    Just try, you might be surprised with the results. Like you said, couldn't hurt.
    • CommentAuthorHabitual
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2010
    your right, ill give it a shot

    cheers for all the replies by the way, just realized i had forgotten to thank you guys for your feedback.

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