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    • CommentAuthorlemur654
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010
    Ok, so I went on a ride with my friend and it occurred to me that bicycle helmets are a good idea, which is obvious. On the other hand, why do they have to look so damn terrible? I mean, if your in the full attire including spandex and such, they totally make since. If you happen to be the type of cyclist that just rides for commutes and enjoys riding as a pass-time, why are the only helmets available "made for speed," or boarding helmets? Does anyone know any solutions to this issue?
    • CommentAuthoryong
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010
    look so damn terrible????really?thought it was look nice...
    • CommentAuthoreaglerock
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010 edited
    There are a variety of hat-esque helmet covers, all of which make you look like Marvin the Martian or H.R. Pufnstuf:

    They are generally not convincing, and trap in a lot of heat so you sweat like a pig.

    "Boarding helmets", by which I assume you mean skateboard/rollerskating helmets, are designed to protect your head in multiple crashes over a short distance, while bike helmets are designed to protect your head in one crash over a great distance. Most skateboard helmets are rated for multiple crashes...because skateboarders crash a lot. They protect more because there are fewer ventilation holes, and there's more crash-absorbent foam backing up the extra plastic shell. That's great for crash protection; but it's terrible for ventilation. Ventilation (and aerodynamics, another thing skateboard helmets don't have going for them) is less important on skateboards because you don't ride skateboards at high speed for extended hours over long distances. Cyclists typically do all those things.

    I rode with a black skateboard-style helmet for several years before getting a swoopy road helmet with all the holes in it. It's a lot easier to ride 20-30 miles in the road helmet; I'm less likely to keel over from the heat.

    Personally, my own tastes run to nondescript bike clothing - stuff that attracts no attention. I suspect that if a helmet maker like Giro or Bell thought they could sell 50,000 helmets that don't look all helmety, and met the government safety standard, they'd make them.
    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010
    Boarding helmets are the ones that look terrible. I love how my helmet looks:

    • CommentAuthorpeazweag
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010
    who cares what they look like.permanent brain damage looks way worse to me.
    • CommentAuthorlemur654
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010
    I believe this is all an argument of priorities. If a car can be designed to get more than 40 MPG, a bicycle helmet can be created without douche in the assembly.
    • CommentAuthoryobaby
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010
    nobody even notices how "great" you look when you're out riding, seriously, people are in their own world which is precisely why wearing one is the way to go. I don't like wearing them either but i do. Giro make some pretty nice helmets, you're always going to look like a mushroom but once you come to terms with this then it's back to that great feeling of riding.
    • CommentAuthorurchin0903
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010
    so focussing on function makes it douche? cuz worrying about whether your helmet is hip and pretty enough isnt?
    • CommentAuthorWilliam3000
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010 edited
    Skateboard helmets are also quite heavy.
    I'm just about to get a cycling specific helmet since in the winter there's a greater chance to crash or get involved in an accident.
    I'm either going for a met inferno ul, catlike kompact (on sale, whisper also on sale right now, but to futuristic) or some middle priced giro. Have to check whioch fits best. Lookwise I like the catlike kompact the best.

    The inbetween skate and "speed helmet" would be the "kids shape" like this:

    Which also looks horrible. Since all helmets will make you look funny, choose the one which fits best and in a colourway you like so you're not too unhappy wearing it.
    • CommentAuthorheadphone
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010
    if you dont like the typical road/mountain helmets that are light and have plenty of vents, just get a bern.

    (...and when you realize that a hot and heavy helmet is annoying which gives you an easy excuse not to put it on when you leave the house, get a typical road/mountain helmet).
    • CommentAuthorwes m.
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010
    Some mtb helmets look a little less flamboyant and still have ventilation. Maybe look into that?

    The CASCO ATTACK is a pretty awesome looking helmet. Expensive however.
    get a Catlike Whisper ;)
    • CommentAuthorlemur654
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010
    Alex, are you being sarcastic?
    • CommentAuthorurchin0903
    • CommentTimeNov 14th 2010
    maybe check out the catlike urban concept?
    Those Catlike helmets are awesome
    Posted By: alex aka freshget a Catlike Whisper ;)

    Those things freak me out. Can't quite put my finger on it... it's like the gimme pizza slowed down video.
    No I am seriously. Catlike whispers are sweet as fuck. I wish I could afford one :(
    • CommentAuthorChilvers
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2010
    The lazer 02, they look dope and protect the noggin!
    • CommentAuthordoctor
    • CommentTimeNov 15th 2010
    I use the bern brentwood. it feels good and doesn't look ridiculous with street clothes.

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