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    • CommentAuthorheadphone
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2010 edited
    Posted By: Hybridcoolie2The first thing is the bottom bracket. I was looking at phil wood, but it too expensive, White Industries was my next option. After that i wanted to have a wheel set made with a profile racing track hubset laced to velocity b43 rims (btw will my brakes work with the un-machined rim?) All city crankset, Or is there another more recommended brand? Then finally a chris king headset. Heard its the best, but once again, i would like some feed back on the parts and some suggestions please.

    a) your first upgrade should not be a bottom bracket. you wont notice it whatsoever.

    b) sounds like a decent wheelset if built correctly, but I dont think a heavy-ass wheelset is much of an upgrade unless you're regularly jumping off shit. build something light and strong if you're riding your bike normally.

    c) I dont think an all-city crankset is an upgrade at all. phil wood + all-city? c'mon.

    d) the headset, like the bb, is not a worthwhile primary upgrade either.

    pedals, wheels, tires, saddle, bars, tape/grips should all be taken care of well before you decided to spend hundreds of dollars on headsets and bottom brackets. hell, if your money is burning a hole in your pocket, get to a bike shop and have a proper fitting done instead -- that would certainly be 1000x more worthwhile than a similarly priced pw bb + tool.
    Yes profile makes flip flop hubs. And yes I know those parts are expensive, that's why I posted this post. So maybe someone with some insight would be so kind as to suggest some reasonably priced parts. If money was not an issue, I would have jsut purchased what I want without any consultation. And yes I know they are a luxuary. But then why does a guy buy a new honda and upgrades his engine and drive train. Puts on a sports suspension. Turbo, new Hid lights, etc. Then never take it on the track?
    A) I was thinking of BB first cuz I want to upgrade the drive train first. But I see your point.
    B) I don't do tricks, so having a beastly wheel set is not important. Some thing light and agile would be best, agreed. Are the Profile racing hubs a good choice? And what rim should I consider?
    C) I choose the all city crank cuz its red. And I'm planning a black and red theme on my bike. Any other crank you can sugest? Regardles of color?
    D) headset is the last upgrade. But once again I'm looking for reasonably priced and durable. I know king is over kill.

    I'm happy with the saddle but I will change it to match the theme of the bike once I have everything done. The handlebars were changed few weeks ago. So that leaves the crank as the last point of contact to change.

    THANK YOU HEADPHOES. You have provided the most info so far. Instead of trying to deter me. Its nice to havesome advice , seeing that I have almost no knowledge about the bike market. Its daunting, this task of trying to select components. Its people in my situation that get riped off by the sweet talking sales man, cause we don't know. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP.
    Posted By: Hybridcoolie2But then why does a guy buy a new honda and upgrades his engine and drive train. Puts on a sports suspension. Turbo, new Hid lights, etc. Then never take it on the track?

    Small penis?
    • CommentAuthor1gear
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2010
    Go to Their stuff is very resonably priced and comes in different colors. I have built 75% of my Raleigh with there trinkets and all have held up real well.

    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2010
    Posted By: suicide_doorsSmall penis?

    That's what I say to every lifted f250 here in Houston. If they have their windows up I yell, "small dick!"
    Posted By: veggieIf they have their windows up

    It takes a real man to admit that kind of stuff. Pussy.
    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2010
    Posted By: suicide_doors
    It takes a real man to admit that kind of stuff. Pussy.

    when you weigh 110lbs you'd rather not take the chance.
    Are you serious? How tall are you?
    • CommentAuthorLaurenEE
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2010
    Check out peter white cycles for wheels. I have never gotten them from him, but it is most likely where I will go in the future when I get better wheels.

    I also think you should look into a carbon fork (though most on the forum will probably disagree). It'll probably take off at least a pound or two and I think you will really see a difference. has a special on the easton ec90 slx fork right now for about $250. This is a really nice fork. I realize you are on a bikes direct bike, but I bought a used bianchi pista that came with a reynold ouzo pro fork and I couldn't be happier. Also, if you need/want a bottom bracket, look into SRAM omnium cranks because they come with a bottom bracket and its kind of like killing two birds with one stone. Just ideas.
    Who cares how light or heavy the bike is. Get Formula to Deep V and you will be happy with that you dont need a 500 dollar wheelset.
    • CommentAuthorLaurenEE
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2010
    Again, these are just ideas so he can look into them and decide for himself.
    • CommentAuthorveggie
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    Posted By:Suicide_doorsAre you serious? How tall are you? .

    Like 5' 8" or 9", I think.

    My dad is 5' 10" and weighs 135.
    YOU STICK PEOPLE DISGUST ME! I have a friend who is 5'8" and is probably around 130, and I'm pretty sure he blows away in ten mile per hour winds.
    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2010
    Posted By: suicide_doorsYOU STICK PEOPLE DISGUST ME! I have a friend who is 5'8" and is probably around 130, and I'm pretty sure he blows away in ten mile per hour winds.

    Haha I'm 5'8" and weigh 145 and I have been having a little trouble lately with these abrupt gusts of wind we've been having lately. I almost steered into a car the other day the gust was so strong. I don't look like a stick though. PROTEIN!!!

    Look into All-City parts. I had a track crankset from them that I got for 6 pack of Yeugling and they were great and you can score a bottom bracket for it for like ten dollars. Wheels? Get cheap Alex rims or something. They hold up unless you want to give in to Deep V's, get cheap Weinmann. I've gotten into some gnarly accidents with them and they've held up. I had a local wheel builder build them up and they were fantastic. Handle bars? Get whatever you want that Origin 8 makes (they have everything) . Hell just do an Origin 8 build haha. Carbon Fiber fork? Totally unnecessary. I have one and it came with the bike but hell if I notice much of a difference and it won't shave off too much, besides who's looking into saving weight? Most people who track race consider rigidity more of a priority over weight but you're not tarcking right? But hey do what you want man, there's always deals to be had to nice parts to pick up as you go. More than half of velospacers have bikes which exceed their needs but it's a hobby, if not more of a passion that we all enjoy and money tends to not be considered. Scour craigslist and ebay. Ebay definitely has some cheap track cranks that'll get you by and.....everything else haha.
    Thanks Lauren And Alexander. All This Time I Just Wanted To Be Pointed In The Right Direction. Not Have Someone Nagging About How Much I Need To Learn How To Wrench.

    Also I Was Considering Brev M But I Cant Seem To Find Any Sites To Buy From. Any Ideas Anyone?
    Learning how to wrench is a good thing.
    I intend to
    Look, dude, you turned down the advice you were given at the top: upgrade your contact points. Not doing that is ignoring the fact that you're the biggest, heaviest, most delicate part of your bike.

    If you want to improve the performance of your bike, ride more. If you want to ride more, make sure you interface with it right. Make sure your bars, tape, saddle, pedals, and shoes are right.

    Make sure everywhere metal touches metal is lubed.

    If you're getting creaks, that means that your frame is cracked, something's loose, or bearings are shot. (It could be that there's no grease on the bars, though. That had me scratching my head for a while.) If your frame's cracked, you've gotta replace the whole thing, and replacing other components won't make it better.

    If you want it to be lighter, start with tires. I really like my Michelin Lithions. That's because it's twice as hard to spin a weight on a wheel as it is anywhere else. Then upgrade your wheels. Look at weights, not how many spokes or whatever. You'll be amazed with how much you can spend, but don't spend that much. Go for some Open Pros or DT Swiss.

    Don't worry about your headset or BB. When they're worn out, they'll be a detriment. Until then, they're not. And you'll probably never wear them out at 4 short rides a week.

    The most important thing is to do this in the right order. The first thing to do is to learn how to replace tires, chains, cables, tape, spokes, and other basic maintenance stuff.
    Thanks J. Newman. I do intend to learn basic wrenching. One of the previous posts stated where I can get lessons. I will definitely be going. And I have a pair of chrome shoes for riding, they feel great. I can ride for hours in comfort. The other points of contact are fine by me. Like I said before, I have already upgraded my handle bar, wrapped it myself. Very pleased with it. The saddle is not an issue at the moment, it does leave my crotch a bit sore after riding; but wont that happen with any saddle I use? I don't think pedals is much of a comfort issue, since I'm not using clip on.
    I had my bike serviced few weeks ago; so nothing should be loose and it should be properly lubed. Don't think the frame is cracked ether, its as stiff as it ever was. Plus I have done nothing to crack the frame.
    I am currently looking into wheels, thinking of getting a custom wheel set. But i haven't decided yet. Maybe Weinmann DP 18 to the profile hub, in a crows foot lace. Or maybe i should just get an of the shelf wheel set.... Any ideas? please?

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