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    • CommentAuthorsfbee
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2009
    What initially made you get off your ass and ride?

    For me, it began as a means of rehabilitation after breaking my hip in a car wreck, quickly growing into infatuation as I constantly tried to outdo my last ride on my piece of shit low end gary fisher mountain bike. 9 years (and quite a few bikes later), I'm finally taking the fixed gear plunge after realizing how much nicer it is to ride without the burden of shifting gears and adjusting derailleurs.

    So... what made you drink the koolaid?
    My dad bought me a Haro when I was like six years old. I thought it was the shit, and I thought I was the shit for riding such a gnarly bike. Consequently, I shredded on Bmx bikes for years until I got tired of breaking bikes and bones and the constant pain associated with doing unnatural things on bikes meant for little kids. I tried the downhill thing, but it wasn't for me. I had grown up in Seattle for most of my life, and I had always noticed a few bikes that were way cooler than all the others. They had no brakes, and one speed. Nice stuff. Upon learning what these bikes were all about (I must have been twelve or so at the time) I decided that I would never want to ride one of these death traps. My first ride on a fixie was like three years ago on an unknown lugged French frame with a mix of old Italian parts owned by my bike shop owner buddy. I was willing to give up all of my Earthly possesions for a fixie from that moment on.
    • CommentAuthorstinky pete
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2009 edited
    For me it was the freedom and happiness I found on a bike as a kid. A bike was my wheels to explore whatever was out there and entertain myself with. After a while it was just the riding, not the destination that was the most fun. My biking started in Los Angeles north of LAX airport. It was nothing for me to ride from my home in Westchester to the beach and on from there. Before I got a road bike, I once road a Schwinn Spitfire 5-speed curser from Playa del Ray beach south clear around Palos Verdes and back. Think I didn’t learn about the worth of high tire pressure from that?

    From those days to today Bikes have always been my thing…
    I got an acid green bike with a banana seat and a big gear shift when I was five or so. I traded up to a Rampar BMX (still have it!) a little while later, which I had until I was in high school. I got a Peugeot road bike when I was 15 or so and rode it back and forth to Maine for a few years every summer. Then I wiped out a few days after my 19th birthday. Knocked myself out cold, had road rash up my face.

    It took several years to get back on a bike after that. I was probably 23 when I got my Raleigh MTB. It was gorgeous. Copper and dark blue paint. It almost glowed. It was my first aluminum bike and first bike with triggers.

    I had that bike until 2001, when it was stolen from the New Haven train station. I got a Trek 6500 to replace it, which I just rode all winter, decked out with Nokian studs and a riser stem. But about 18 months ago, a friend of a friend gave me two pieces of crap that had vines growing through them behind his building. I built a bike out of those parts (the Iron Monkey in my profile), then came across a Trek 7300 frame on Ebay for $40 shipped. At Thanksgiving, I showed up in my dad's workshop with it and painted it (The Grey Fox). Shortly after that, I helped my wife build a bike to commute, built up my Jet Jaguar around a Cannondale r900 frame, then built up the Mantis around a Softride.

    So it's something that's always been there for me. I love the mesh of rider and ride. I love that I can get stronger as a cyclist and I can modify my bike to work better for me. I love facing down our fucking New England weather and having a much better time of it than the people around me in their cars who think I'm crazy for riding in the winter.

    But mostly, I just like to wear tights.
    • CommentAuthorianmichael
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2009
    for my entire life i ran track. i loved speed. as i got older i realized that i wasnt going to be an olympic sprinter and i went to college that didnt have a track team. you know once you get that taste of speed, that adrenaline rush you cant stop. so i started riding bikes this was about 3 or 4 years ago. the amateur adult track community is really small, but the bike community is huge and its great to get the speed i want and be part of a group of people that loves what they do. plus its a lot easier on my knees.
    Ran distance, my two buds were runners/riders/triathletes. Now I like to ride and run, and tinkering is as much fun as anything.
    • CommentAuthorwowzah
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2009 edited
    i did it for commuting purposes
    and it turned into something bigger, live a better quality of life and good for the environment
    i like to ride bikes that were made before the bullsh!t consumer world went out of control
    like a time machine
    • CommentAuthordprommasit
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2009
    i missed the certain feeling of freedom that you can only get from a bike and reminisced about my late childhood riding bikes all day with friends, so i bought a cheap scorcher roadbike from a thriftstore and started commuting to school everyday.

    i started riding fixed because i was having bike trouble and i took it to a friend of a friend that moved to my hometown from jacksonville FL who was the only fixie rider in the whole town...he let me ride his bike and i really liked the simplicity of it and asked what it took to build one...a friend later wrecked my bike and i bought a fixed wheelset to replace the old ones and the rest is history :)
    • CommentAuthorhenrydec1
    • CommentTimeFeb 28th 2009
    i started riding a fixie when i was 12 years old, i saw messengers zooming up and down streets and i new i wanted something that fun looking. When i started to build one i did not know what a fixed gear bike was. But little by little i learned more, and became better at riding one. I started to build nicer and nicer bikes, and riding more and more.

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