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    im trying to classify the level of cane creek brake calipers have on my tri/tt bike can anyone help me? they are SCR-5 calipers.
    • CommentAuthorkirke
    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2010 edited
    I don't see the SCR-5 calipers on the Cane Creek website anymore - only the SCR-3. Maybe this model replaced the SCR-5 for 2010?

    At any rate, for road calipers, Cane Creek says they only offer the SCR-3 and the SL. The SL is obviously a higher end road dual pivot with a 39-49mm reach. The SCR-3 looks to be a slightly different design, still dual pivot, just a little bit heavier and comes in either 39-49mm reach or also in a longer reach (probably 47-57mm?).

    I would say they are a really good brake, and I think they come stock on a lot of mid-range road bikes.

    But, can anyone confirm that the SCR-3 and SCR-5 are the same thing?

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