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    • CommentAuthordeermatt
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2010 edited

    I'll start from the top . I've gone through several track bikes, and could never really find a frame I was crazy about the fit. Some of my bikes have been a little too big, some felt a little too small, or just not right . Recently, I gave in, bit the bullet, and went custom. My choice for the builder was a easy one, Bishop Bikes from my hometown , Baltimore Md. The builder, Chris Bishop, completed the Yamaguchi frame builders school under Koichi Yamaguchi, and has completed the Serotta fit program, so I knew he was very educated in what I wanted .

    Dedacciai down tube
    Columbus Life top tube
    Reynolds 725 heat treated curved chainstays made exclusively for Serotta
    True Temper S3 headtube (newest from TT , crazy stiff)
    Seat tube angle - 72
    Head tube angle 74.5
    bottom brack drop - 50 (same as the Look 496 track frame)

    When I went to get sized (which took hours ) , I rode his serotta bike fitter, and he tells me ,"geesh, you have a long femur! (thigh)" Because of this, for me to get the maximum out of my stroke, I needed a 72 degree angle seat tube, which is uncommon on track bikes, where 74-75 is more standard. This explains why I wasnt feeling right . Also , I have long legs, and a short torso, so I would want a longer seat tube than top tube, but the standard for some reason now a days is having the top tube longer than the seat tube. Especially with NJS frames, where they have shorter legs and longer upper body. My final measurement came out to be 56.5cm seat tube, 54cm top tube.

    I knew I wanted lugged steel, but he went above and beyond my expectations. All the lugs were fillet brazed over in silver, which is much much more expensive than normal brazing, then filed all the lugs to a smooth, flat point.

    Meanwhile , I had the task of picking out what parts would be fitting for this bike. I wanted it to be higher end , being that this bike will be seeing a lot of saddle time, both street and track time this year (and years to come) and I didnt want to have the urge to replace parts shortly after.

    so ... drive train was a easy choice , dura ace 7710 . I opted for the Shimano Ultegra 6500 bottom bracket, as it is completely identical to the dura ace 7710, except weighs about half, due to alloy cups instead of steel. In the picture, I had the 6500 and the 7710 to compare each.

    Well, the frame was all ready , and our choice was powder coat instead of wet paint. Powder coating is much more durable, it can be much cheaper , and has a nice look to it . There was only one place we were comfortable to do the work , and that was Spectrum Powder Works .They are the only place , period, that can inlay graphics into the powder coat, and other technical jobs that other coaters can't do . I could have gone with literally any color scheme , but I chose black , with a silver pearl clear coat, with metallic silver logos.

    Also, since we were sending the frame, I also sent my toe clips , and deda drop bars to color match :

    Well, the frame and parts came back from the powder coaters, and we love the results. The silver pearl is subtle , but you can see a sparkle in the sunlight . Also, when choosing a headset (1 1/8 threadless) our options were a Chris King, or Cane Creek. After reading the specs, and having each of the headsets infront me , the Cane Creek 100 headset was what I was going with . They created the threadless headset, and I think do it the best. Their bearings couldnt be smoother (not to mention, the silver 100 headset has machining lines that match perfectly to the thompson components.)

    After riding it around for about a week, and getting used to it, and all dialed in, today I had a chance to get its final photos.. enjoy !

    The fork is the brand new Edge Composites carbon track fork ( ) . It is 390g uncut , and even lighter now that its cut and on the bike. Edge hand makes each fork to order, and are very stiff and responsive (33mm rake)

    Easton EC90 Track drops with Fizik wrap

    White Concor Comfort Perf to make my black Concor Comfort Perf

    My name, IN the powder coat, not sure how they do it ..

    The detail work you get with a high end custom frame

    perfect .

    EDIT : I got a crazy deal on a Zipp 900 dimpled track disc, and Zipp 808 dimpled front track wheel, so I sold the Cane Creeks .

    • CommentAuthorMancha150
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2010
    wow. this is beautiful. What an amazing job they and you did. thanks for posting such great pictures!
    Amazing build!
    This is great very sexy bike
    • CommentAuthorfixedpuch
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2010
    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2010
    Words cannot express how beautiful this is. My hat is off to you.
    Wow, what a great build. Those tapered frame ends look amazing. Also, I'm now tempted to give myself a swift kick in the ass for not jumping on a set of those Cane Creeks when the gettin' was good.
    • CommentAuthorgreg
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2010
    Posted By: Mancha150wow. this is beautiful. What an amazing job they and you did. thanks for posting such great pictures!
    • CommentAuthordeermatt
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2010
    The CC 85's are great wheels, I'm very happy to own them. They perform great on the track. Thanks for the nice words, I'm very happy with this bike. The tapered track ends were originally like twice as long. Bishop cut and hand filed them to that shape .
    • CommentAuthorSL wheeler
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2010
    Wow, you have quite a beautiful bike on your hands. btw great pics too.
    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2010 edited
    Dammit, now my bike looks like shit. I just have to remember the fact that it's being raced.
    • CommentAuthorgchain
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2010
    Beautiful bike man, really nice build !
    • CommentAuthorBamfs01
    • CommentTimeMay 13th 2010
    Very nice
    • CommentAuthorFlat Four
    • CommentTimeMay 14th 2010
    Amazing! Job well done.
    SUPER fucking nice. That's all I got to say.
    • CommentAuthorjms88278
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2010
    Wow man, this is incredible. I think this may have just made me want to go custom.
    • CommentAuthordeermatt
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2010
    Posted By: jms88278Wow man, this is incredible. I think this may have just made me want to go custom.

    DO IT ! it's definitely money well spent . Give Bishop an email .
    • CommentAuthorwes m.
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2010
    Velospace really needs more build threads with instant gratification like this one.
    • CommentAuthorpeterabbit
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2010
    track only? i noticed you dont have a lockring on that rear hub
    • CommentAuthordeermatt
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2010
    well those wheels are track only (tubulars ) I dont use a lockring on the track , but I have my clincher wheelset for the street that uses one.
    • CommentAuthorMancha150
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2010
    I realize that on the track you are not resisting the pedal rotation more than to slow down, much less skidding, but isnĀ“t it still dangerous to not have a lockring on the hub?

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