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    • CommentAuthordeermatt
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2010
    I rode the disc/ 808 setup yesterday ! I love how the disc sounds, its loud ! and it felt very stiff. I didn't trap a new record time, but I did improve on my form and line. Not due to the wheels, but ya cant trap a new fastest time every single time.

    Ryan - did you get that tiemeyer ? If you did , My buddy is friends with the guy that you got it from ! Small world .
    Glad you got out on the new wheels! Everyone that rides a disc here too is VERY loud. Sounds good… but can surely be a disadvantage when you're trying to overtake someone from behind by surprise, since they can always hear you coming.

    Ya… I went ahead and sold off the MASH and got the Tiemeyer. With the short top tube, it's going to work out perfectly with aero pursuit bars. My Cervelo has too long of a top tube to put aero bars on, since I have a rather short torso, and long arms. I'm going to use the Tiemeyer to compete at state championships next month. Since I could not upgrade to a Cat 3 in time to compete in the mass-start events, being a Cat 4, I can still do all timed events and match sprints, so the Tiemeyer will come in handy there. Afterwards, it's going to get a longer stem and be my street bike for the off-season. Cannot wait! It comes in a few days. Will post pictures this weekend.

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