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    • CommentAuthortypeDvorak
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2010
    i was on a group ride in west LA last night. The ride ended up at the top of San Vicente in the Pacific Palisades but that's not the important part. What is important is that we had a hundred plus kids at the top of a gnarly hill complete with the various skill levels that come with a group of rag-tag bike hoodlums. Big ones, small ones, high ones, drunk ones. I don't exactly know how it happened but as we came bombed down aforementioned garly hill a rider in an orange hoodie a few seconds ahead launched over his bike to land some ten feet ahead on his back moments before his bike slams down still strapped to his feet. like i said the rider was a few seconds ahead and as soon as it happened it passed; i yelled rider down to warn people behind me and roadies with more efficient stopping mechanisms on their bicycles slowed to assist the fallen cyclist.
    two things about this anecdote should stand out.
    one, the fallen rider and two the line "more efficient stopping systems" i saw t hat he had a helmet on and was grateful for that. i know the dangers of gravity [unrelated: sledgehammers] on watermelons and am unsure of what to look for in that respect. second is the line 'more efficient stopping systems'. i ride with a front brake, but know many ride sans. on this ride was the first i noticed the riding habits of my comrades on wheels. some of them rode with minimal foot retention, i'm talking fixed-with-clips-without-straps. fuck that. also kids with good retention, but not being used. pairs of feet with only one foot strapped to their bike. fuck that. kids riding down hills with NO feet in their bikes and not running any brakes. legs splayed as their pedals spun uselessly in their BB's. fuck that.
    i can go on about the stupid and potentially dangerous things i saw, but you can do the same about everything you do. people on phones in their cars, soda and fat heavy foods, blah blah.
    i'm asking for advice on a helmet. what are the price points for high end, mid, and low range safety devices? what should li be looking for when shopping for? what kind of strappy head retention systems have a combined -hell yes- in comfort and functionality? what do you use, what will you avoid from personal experience?
    • CommentAuthorparkman14
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2010
    Skateboard helmets are tried and true, skaters crash crash a lot. I wear one on the street, but on my road bike I have some cool looking Bell road helmet.
    I've always worn my helmet since I crashed pretty hard without and hit my head a few months back, it sucked, I felt pretty dumb for the next few days. If I hit it a bit harder, that coulda been bad business.
    B E R N! ...its all about looking good! HAHAHA!
    • CommentAuthorthe rabbi
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2010
    it's all about fit. if the $60 helmet fits better than the $200, buy the $60 helmet. and vica versa.
    • CommentAuthoreaglerock
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2010
    We don't talk about it - except when we do: - "Helmets" - "What helmet do you wear?"

    I still stand by everything I said in those two threads.

    And yes, the cellphone-while-driving/cycling thing drives me into a white-hot rage. I've thought of making a sign: $285 TICKET to flash at drivers (California's penalty for driving while on a handheld phone). I'm guessing cyclists who are so self-involved as to ride while yammering on a handheld are probably too clueless to grasp that the same ticket applies to them (hey, Dreadlock Guy! The ticket for your current action costs more than your bike is worth!); so I fantasize about pulling out a full water bottle and pitching it at their heads. I understand that this is a very bad thought, and I feel bad about it; just not bad enough to stop thinking it.
    • CommentAuthorpilehead
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Are you still drunk from that ride? You went on and on about useless bullshit, just to ask about a good helmet?
    • CommentAuthorJohnny B
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    Hey you guys the other day I was getting some pizza, and I didn't know what kind I wanted. I eventually decided on pesto. My friend, who got pepperoni, was sick for days. Do you think I should get chub hubs or phils?
    • CommentAuthorBamfs01
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    I thought this thread was gunna be about herpies :(
    ..........this past weekend i went to a bike swap meet and scored on a Campagnolo RECORD aero seat-post for $10
    It gets talked about a fair amount around these parts.

    Man. I use my skull all the time. I love it!

    Also, my recommendations there (particularly re: Trek's astonishingly good customer service) stand.
    • CommentAuthortypeDvorak
    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2010
    what's that thing, "fool me once/shame on me?"
    i'll be sure to list a tl;dr for your convenience next time, breaux.
    in any case i wound up buying a bell influx but suppose that's also something i'm weighing down this thread with.
    post script: thx eaglerock, newman.
    • CommentAuthorveggie
    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2010
    Posted By: eaglerock$285 TICKET

    I wish that was the case in Texas.

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