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    • CommentAuthorfirebush
    • CommentTimeJan 23rd 2009
    Putting together my pista concept and was wondering what people had for bottom bracket measurements?

    i know it takes a standard English thread 68mm circumfrance one but I'm curious about the chain line... is it a 110mm or 109mm width that i should be using with a Sugino RD crankset?

    thanks in advance.
    I believe the RD's are matched to the Sugino 103mm bottom bracket...
    • CommentAuthorthe rabbi
    • CommentTimeJan 23rd 2009
    Posted By: non_equivalentI believe the RD's are matched to the Sugino 103mm bottom bracket...
    Most online stores I looked at (I have these cranks, going to put them on my next build, so I haven't used them) say they are compatible with the 103mm spindle, but I have seen "103mm, 110mm" on a few. Not sure what's up here.
    • CommentAuthorfirebush
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2009
    yeah, im confused. I wen to my LBS and they gave me this Shimano 110mm BB. But then i went on here just to be sure and now im in quite a conundrum as to who i should believe.
    Well, I ordered a 110 bb with my cranks so it looks like we are in the same boat :/

    I believe if you place the chain wheel on the outside or inside of the spider would make a difference...

    I'm confused now too. Plus 103mm bbs are like the Loch Ness monster, there are random sightings, but no one is sure if they truly exist.
    The Sugino RD cranks take a 103mm like this...

    The Sugino 75 cranks take a 109mm (or you can get away with 110mm).

    If you are riding such a nice frame like a Pista Concept, you should have on stronger cranks like the 75's. Seems silly to have such a nice bike, and the low-end cranks on it.
    Seems silly that I'm poor as hell. Don't have the Pista Concept just yet!
    • CommentAuthorJohn Tom
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2009
    this is the one i have with my messenger crankset:

    it was really cheap and has been fine for the year i've been riding it.
    It's not in stock there now, but they get restock of stuff quick
    • CommentAuthorfirebush
    • CommentTimeJan 27th 2009
    Thanks for the input guys.

    But after much debating, and self convincing, I'm going to opt for the Sugino 75's after all. Figure I will just save the cranks I bought for the next bike.

    I guess I shouldn't really be spending all my money on bike parts and really i can't afford it, but I have the f**king bug!

    from now on only the best parts for my sweet sweet baby ; )
    You will notice a HUGE difference in your ride with the 75s. I'm totally serious. I was riding the cheap Sugino, and they worked fine...but after I upgraded to 75s, I could feel soooo much more power, and it was much easier to make it up hills. Not to mention, they are super smooth and totally silent. The change from the cheap Sugino's to the 75's was so big, I even considered trying the Grand Mighty's, but nahhhh. too expensive.
    • CommentAuthormakemvmnt
    • CommentTimeMay 21st 2009
    I"m putting together a Leader 725tr 09' with a pake crank(170mm) running a 48t chainring. I went to and read that the pake uses a 107mm spindle on most models. However i know the leader is kind of a misfit compared for most models so anyone know if i should run a longer spinder or if my chainring might hit the stays at all?
    • CommentAuthorjatiphoto
    • CommentTimeApr 29th 2010
    I just bought a 2010 Leader 725, and took it to a certain shop in D.C. so they could install my Sugino 75s on it for me. I'm running the regular 75 unsealed BB. The shop is saying that my spindle is too short. Ive done searches online, and I cant find anyone whose had this problem. I called Leader, and they have 5 people working there running the same setup with no issues. Do you think this problem is really with my bike, or with the people working on it?
    • CommentAuthorpeazweag
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2010
    they take 103mm width.go checkout
    • CommentAuthordanzap209
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2010
    Okay. I just received my eBay purchase and I thought I had bought a english BB. I thought it was a 68x 109mm. When I opened it the spindle says 70. What is the difference?
    • CommentAuthorpolitburo
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2010 edited
    to take that question literally, the difference is 2mm.

    "english" refers to the threading, not the size.
    • CommentAuthoreaglerock
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2010 edited
    70mm is an Italian bottom bracket spindle; won't fit an English shell at all.

    So first: What bike is this going on? Are you sure you need an English/BSC BB (1.37"x24 TPI, 68mm shell) and not an Italian one (36mm x 24 TPI, 70mm shell)? See if you can thread the cups in. An Italian BB cup is too big to fit into a BSC shell; while a BSC cup will drop right through an Italian shell.

    Next: Double-check the item page, to make sure that the Englishness/Britishness/BSCness of this BB wasn't just in your head. If there isn't an explicit statement of BSCness (1.37"x 24 or BSC or British, for example), which would be evidence of misrepresentation, then the seller could say: "Hey, I posted the information I had. If the buyer didn't ask questions to figure out whether it was what he actually wanted, how is that my fault?" Or, if it did have Italian measurements posted (36x24), and you didn't know what that meant, then it's on you.

    OTOH, if the seller DID claim it was a BSC bottom bracket, and didn't post any information accurately describing the Italian BB, then PayPal will completely back you up; you are a victim of misrepresentation - deliberate or otherwise.

    It probably makes sense to start courteously (but using eBay's protest system, to get your courtesy on the record). Contact the seller and tell him there's a problem - you needed a British bottom bracket, you thought you were buying a British bottom bracket (the seller may have advertised a British bottom bracket), you received an Italian bottom bracket, which you can't use. He may just apologize and give you a refund; it could happen.

    Who knows? He may not know the difference, in which case you could spread some knowledgeness his way.

    EDIT: Okay, I now notice you only mentioned the spindle - not the cups. If the cups are BSC, but the spindle is 70mm, then the BB has been pieced together out of bits. If it was sold as new, then it's been misrepresented. But I'm still standing behind the idea that the seller may have no clue about the differences in bottom brackets; all spindles might be identical, as far as he knows. Time for him to learn something.
    • CommentAuthordanzap209
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2010
    I double checked and I paid for a Dura Ace NJS 109mm English BB. It said nothing about it being Italian or 70. The cups thread in there the same as a used Dura Ace road bb I have. Would the spindle be the same? I put the spindle in the used cups and it fit fine.
    • CommentAuthoreaglerock
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2010
    Posted By: danzap209I double checked and I paid for a Dura Ace NJS 109mm English BB. It said nothing about it being Italian or 70. The cups thread in there the same as a used Dura Ace road bb I have. Would the spindle be the same? I put the spindle in the used cups and it fit fine.

    • CommentAuthordanzap209
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2010
    Later, I have a tattoo to do.

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