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    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2010 edited
    Posted By: wes m.No but Ill be going to China Town in Oakland (old oakland market) on Friday. From what I hear the Asian markets are tough because the old Asian ladies do not mess around when it comes to produce purchasing.

    Technically, Chinatown is on the east side of Broadway, between 7th and 14th Street. The Friday farmer's market is in Old Oakland, which is on the west side of Broadway between 7th and 10th. The center of the market area is the intersection of 9th and Washington, next to Swan's Market one block west of Broadway.

    But yes; the old Chinese and Chinese-Viet ladies are very tough customers. If you get the opportunity to cross Broadway after you close down, check out the produce markets/butchers/fishmongers along 8th Street around Franklin/Webster. And Cam Huong on Webster between 8th and 9th, my regular stop for Vietnamese sandwiches; I'm curious to hear an opinion comparing Cam Huong's banh mi to the ones in San Jose.

    THREAD REVERSION: The "scraper" bikes mentioned towards the top of the thread were originally a Bay Area thing, specifically East Oakland.

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