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    • CommentAuthorVama
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2010
    I love riding fixed, and I think learning a couple tricky things is fun, but mostly I like it for urban riding... I've owned BMX bikes most of my life and definitely want to get another one (but can't justify it, as it doesn't make sense as a way to get place to place as well as being fun)... I'd love to pick up another BMX for the tricks but still like learning things to do on my fixed bikes, mostly because it makes me feel more in control of my ride and not because the tricks are super impressive... BMX does some off the chain shit that I certainly couldn't do with a 700c bike.
    • CommentAuthorBen Holley
    • CommentTimeApr 13th 2010
    Tricking on 26"s is just another step towards a practical tricking setup (read: a BMX bix with a fixed cog). All these steps in the evolutiong of fixed gear tricks have already happened. If you look at the chronology of the frame and component design (specifically the evolution of the wheels getting fatter and the top tubes getting more relaxed), you will have seen them already in the history tricking. The only difference here is that you can't coast. I have a buddy who rips on a monocog trials bike, a lot harder than any of the videos you see.

    I think at some point in time the CMX scene will evolve into something more impressive and refined than a bunch of suburban white kids on expensive tarck bikes with fat tires, just as the BMX scene evolved out of a bunch of punks on cheap bikes. (Maybe you will read that and say "you mean sell out?") But until then, it is, as I said, a bunch of suburban white kids on expensive tarck bikes with fat tires.

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