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    Posted By: lickedwickedif pros cannot use top of the line equipment, civilians can't spend that much money on pieces of technology that have been researched and tested with billions of dollars, then lose lose while the UCI can sit back and laugh. As a professional, if not race allowed then they wouldn't buy it. if it's too expensive for regular people the sales will be too low and the developers would be at a loss.

    "Billions" aside (you're off by several orders of magnitude), you're essentially right: pro racing is a test platform for many categories of gear because of the intense testing it represents and the publicity it represents for the manufacturer.

    Lots of innovation does happen outside the peloton, though. Internally geared hubs, recumbents, mustache bars, and heck, the entire mountain bike (originally) all happened outside of UCI racing. On the other hand, they tend to be expensive, niche items (Sturmey-Archer AW aside) that would almost certainly benefit from higher volumes and more competition between manufacturers.

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