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    • CommentAuthorcyciumx
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2010
    Posted By: cyciumxYou need to get in on this muthafreak...

    I inquired and the guy sent me his price listing for the parts. Minimum order is a single unit - no need to do group buys or large quanities. around 1200 to 1500 for all the complete frames + forks and roughly 500 for the trispoke to 700 for the pentaspoke (sp?)

    Those are the factory prices and they come unpainted - meaning you rebrand them to whatever you want. Oddly thier proces are 50% to 100% more if you have them branded and painted which can easily be done for much cheaper after acquiring them from the factory.

    Straight up if I had a loan for 200gs I'd start an online and brick and mortar presence asap with my own warranty and my own brand.

    Them craigslist folks that buy used Specialized bikes for 3gs wouldn't be able to pass up a brand new frame and quadspoke wheels for the same price

    - Lickedwicked that site you posted IS the RTS product - I contacted them through there.

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