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    so currently i have an SE draft in black with a stock headset andf i want to buy a pake frameset with a red chris king headset but i dont know if i want to leave it in my room and keep building on it or put it on my bike now,. does any one have suggestions?
    • CommentAuthorwes m.
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2010
    Put what on your bike now?
    If you're asking whether you should get rid of your draft and get the pake, the answer is yes.. The pake won't be much lighter, but the geometry won't be as relaxed and therefore more fun!
    • CommentAuthorsmricha2
    • CommentTimeFeb 17th 2010
    Is this a riddle?
    ok sounds good alvin.
    Posted By: smricha2Is this a riddle?

    An accidental riddle.
    Posted By: Alvin Holbrook
    Posted By: smricha2Is this a riddle?

    An accidental riddle.

    hahaha sorry i didnt know exactly how to get the question across
    That's a 95% lateral movement. Get a better frameset (a Pake is loooow low end. I mean the name itself is slang for cheap) and skip the King. They're great and all, but a better frameset is going to be much easier to notice make a bigger difference in feel and performance than a better headset.
    yeah seriously chris king is overkill on a pake or the draft...
    has anybody seen a frame with aero tubing and a tripple triangle?
    Nashbar had a frame in the '80s called the Aero Sprint. They were made by Shogun and featured a triple triangle design. Some were 700c x 700c, others were 700c x 24". The tubing was Ishiwata, and regular, not oval shaped. But otherwise, yes.
    pics and to make it even more complicated, does it have a wheel cut out? if not that'd be considered drastically less cool
    You should look it up. I believe there are at least a couple on here, and more on the internet in general. A hint: I can't think of a lot of frames from the '80s which had a wheel cutout, especially frames made out of normally shaped, circular steel tubes. In those cases the cutout is more of a dent.
    i searched and nothing came to me. so how recent is the cut out trend or build?
    Right, right, I forgot about your search abilities.

    A 700c x 24" version:

    A 700c x 700c version:

    That silly thing aside, (working) aerodynamic frames came about in 1980 or so, but really didn't take off until the LA Olympics in '84.

    The earliest "cutouts" (since they're not really that on these frames) I remember seeing are these:

    custom made for the LA Olympics from fiberglass, Kevlar, and graphite.

    Which led to these in 1986:

    I have no idea if those are the earliest, I'd love for someone to expand on this, but it's almost 2:00am and I'm going to sleep now.
    none of which have both triple triangle and aero tubing on a single frame. maybe i'm not using the right term here but the tubing is the two sided oval or tear drop shaped tubing some extremes of which can be seen on time trial bikes.

    Custom made by Ed's Bikes-Suprema Bikes in Tucson, AZ
    So, back to the original post, before LW hijacked it with something totally irrelevant....

    I would suggest saving the $100 on the King headset, which is not necessary for you, and put that money towards a slightly better frame. Going from a SE Draft to a Pake is not an upgrade, as they are both the lowest, cheapest frames on the market pretty much. Unless all you're wanting is to change to a different color sceme, and you don't care about the weight, design and quality of your frame.
    Anyway, LW, your unintentional rudeness is only fun for a certain amount of time, have fun doing your own research.

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